“Snow Day” – by Tara

SNOW DAY - Part 1

SNOW DAY - Part 2Left Frame: “Whew, that was close!”….. Right Frame: “Thank you!”

SNOW DAY - Part 3

“Ah, I’m home safely after driving through all that….”

SNOW DAY - Part 4

“….freaking snow.”

The End

Okay, well I was not hit by tons of snow from a plow, but this is the thought that popped into my head and amused me when I got home from work yesterday. We were released early (at 1pm) and evening classes were canceled due to the snow being dumped on us. On my way home, the streets were still horrible and almost everyone had the sense to go slower. I got stuck in the snow once, but followed the advice given on the Weather Channel’s website to turn the wheels left and right. Eureka, it worked! Later on down the way, a car came out of nowhere and I put on my brakes. My car swerved in the other car’s direction, but I managed to turn away without hitting him. After some brief cursing about the weather, I composed myself again and the rest of the trip home was terror-free.

When I turn into my apartment complex during days like that, I feel safe and sound. Then I realize that, unless I’m parked (and even then ya never know), things can still happen because people don’t pay attention to where they’re going or how fast. I’ve avoided a few accidents by braking while a person would speed through their stop signs. Anyway, I was home but had to put on some mushy snow brakes to dodge another car. Eventually I was able to park and turn off my car. Whew! That’s when I imagined the snow plow finding me and providing one last obstacle on my way to my apartment on foot.

12 thoughts on ““Snow Day” – by Tara

  1. I imagine being snowed by a plow is more of a ‘fwoosh’ than a ‘fwoop’. :P

    I said ‘thank you’ when I pulled in yesterday, too. I also left at one and it was a tortured, clumsy drive home. Mostly for the other cars. Mine was well equipped to handle the weather. The biggest problems cars seem to have is a) hills and getting up them and b) negotiating turns. If Clevelanders could figure out these two things the streets would be a lot safer, even in the snow.

  2. I feel so fortunate as to not have to drive in snow. It was probably in the high 50s and sunny here yesterday. I couldn’t do the whole shoveling snow thing. I might just disappear in my house until it melts in the Spring.

  3. Churlita: Thanks I’m pretty glad I didn’t get buried either. Kind of a chilly situation.

    K_sra: I imagine being snowed by a plow is more of a ‘fwoosh’ than a ‘fwoop’.

    Well! Maybe on the east side, but “fwoop” is how we roll in the west. ;) I’m glad you were able to leave early that day and that you made it home safely too!

    Daffy: Thank you three times! Yup, made it home safely with minimal trauma and a raging urge for Spring to start early. :)

    AlienCG: Yes, that’s always a wonderful feeling. Thank you!

    Manuel: Ahhh….50s….someday we’ll get to that temp, hopefully soon. Ideally on the first day of Spring, Spring will actually start. But not usually around here.

  4. driving in snow scares me. I have to do it sometimes, but it’s never pleasant. I have to say though, snow is better to deal with than ice. Now ice is another thing altogether.

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