February Ideas, Please!

Hey, guess what? We have lots o’snow right now. Found out that our school wasn’t going to close, so my car and I fought through the unkempt streets and made it in to work. What’s funny is that, during this season when it gets so ugly outside, the people who make it into work here have such a wonderful attitude. I’m not even being sarcastic. A coworker and I were just joking and laughing about the whole thing. I hear laughing from time to time. It must be the feeling of defiance that makes us slap-happy.

Okay, enough of that. February is approaching so if you have some nifty, cool, groovy and silly holiday ideas, post them in the comments section! Birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I admit I have not been using that calendar that much so far. In fact this is the first post since Sunday. But I will try harder in February!

Yawning Skittles

Speaking of defiance, here is Skittles standing on her lounger and shouting out to the world “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” Actually she was in the middle of a yawn.


13 thoughts on “February Ideas, Please!

  1. K_sra: I like that holiday idea very much.

    Silver: Our school finally shut down and canceled evening classes. Now that I’m home I’m going to eat. After that, I do not know.

    Churlita: That’s an excellent idea.

  2. Hear me roar!!!

    What a great pic! It’s like a re enactment of the Lion King!

    2 Feb **Do something different from your normal routine day–Groundhog Day, remember the movie?

    12 Feb **Eat an apple (or apple pie)–Pres. Abe Lincoln’s birthday, he loved eating apples.

    22 Feb ** Eat a cherry (or cherry pie)–Pres. George Washington’s birthday, he did chop down that cherry tree.

  3. Eros: Yes, Skittles is quite the lion. Thank you for the ideas, I will add them to the holiday list! Any day that allows us to eat a cherry pie is a good day.

    Laura: Yay, it’ll be LB’s Day! I like your holidays, we should all celebrate short people. Not people with short tempers, but short people.

    Dmarks: Oo, you know I like that lycan day idea. It’s gonna be Michael Sheen’s birthday in February too!

    Babybull: Hey how are you? These are all great ideas for holidays, thank you, Babybull!
    that’s all I got for now..

    Ashburnite: Well hi! I will mark your b-day too! Hope you’re doing well.

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