Answer Your Cat’s Question Day

Eros from Eros Den suggested this holiday because he has a selection of cats in his yard that have been asking him all sorts of questions that he can’t answer because, well let’s face it not many of us can truly understand cat talk. I’m assuming many questions are about when the next feeding time will be held.

I do have a few ideas of what my cat Skittles asks me throughout the day. Things like,

“Will you please stop blogging and play with me?”


“Will you please give me another treat even though it’s not time for one yet?”

or possibly,

“Will you please let me outside even though it’s freezing? I want to stand in the doorway and take in the fresh air while you catch a cold.”

Other times she sounds like she’s not asking she’s demanding. There’s no question at the end of her meow.

Anyway, here area a few videos for enjoyment. It’s the same video of two cats mewing at each other, but the second video is the translation of what they’re really saying to each other. Hope you can view these!

First the original. It’s very cute and my cat gets perplexed when she can’t tell where it’s coming from:

And now the translation of what they’re really saying to each other:

Have a meowvelous Thursday! It’s almost the weekend! Yay to infinity.


7 thoughts on “Answer Your Cat’s Question Day

  1. That video is so cute. I think if the cats could talk in my neighborhood when I still had my dog they’d be saying:

    “Excuse me – could you please ask your dog to stop sniffing me. Yes, both ends, please. And also, please ask him to knock it off with the ear licking. It’s quite annoying.”

    Obviously my dog saw cats as potential mates. Poor confused buddy.

  2. That’s funny! Yesterday, the cats were all calling out; I thought, good Lord, they can’t be hungry! They just got fed an hour ago! But when I looked out the door, they were all up on the steps catcalling the tomcat! I was like, good Lord, it’s like Lady Marmalade! I was like, hey, beat it you skanky cats! This ain’t no cheap motel! Go do that somewhere else! Don’t make me call the Humane Society and have y’all fixed!

  3. haha! I actually love imagining what animals would be saying to each other…and to us.

    My cat isn’t that fond of the babies and how rough they are. I used to beg him to just leave the house when they came over, but he’d stubbornly stay looking pissed off the entire time. He isn’t the questioning type it seems. More the declarative sort.

  4. Eros: One cat howling for that reason is bad enough, but a bunch? Yikes! Lol.

    Laura B: My cat doesn’t like kids at all. She gets rattled when she hears some running down the apartment hallways.

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