Saturday Scavenger Shots: Maintenance

The word that was decided upon this week for Saturday Scavenger Shots was “maintenance”. So heeeere are the photos!


I took this photo from our rental car when Ksra and I went visiting Arizona. That’s a maintenance van for a satellite dish company.


Here’s a “tiiiiiin [truck]! Rusted”. Had to quote from the song “Love Shack” there for a sec, I’m done. Anyway, this was a prop for a ghost town in an Arizona city when my family and I visited several years ago. That truck is way overdue for a maintenance check.


This is my dishwasher. When it’s working (which is most of the time), it does a pretty good job. When it isn’t working it suddenly becomes a storage place for dirty dishes. That’s when the super maintenance men come in and fix it in two seconds. No charge. I like that kind of maintenance.


15 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Maintenance

  1. I want to go to Arizona. I’d like to see the desert.

    That truck is crying out for restoration.

    Yeah, our dishwasher is leaving all kinds of globs and specks on our glasses and everything. We’re washing by hand just like the old days.

    So you have deer coming up your front sidewalk? Wow, that’s pretty sweet.

  2. Bobby: Arizona is beautiful, so much to see. Yes, that deer was such a surprise to see so close. I took those photos from my apartment’s balcony. One time I was looking for a parking spot and there was a huge buck staring at me.

    Cyberpete: I love my maintenance men. They never look glamorous, but they have fixed my dishwasher, bathroom sink, bathroom drain and gave me a new air conditioner. Awesome.

  3. Excellent examples of MAINTENANCE. Good photos, thanks for sharing. And also, thanks for sharing the Love Shack lyric, even though I’m more of a Private Idaho fan.

  4. Eros: Thanks! I love that the deer came so close to the building. Hope you’re feeling 100% better!

    Laura B.: When I was a kid I always wanted my parents to buy a dishwasher. This was my first dishwasher, so you better believe I use it.

    T-Bird: Sometimes washing the dishes by hand can be a bit relaxing. But I prefer the dishwasher.

    Babybull: Thanks I hope you get to join in too!

    Cyberpete: I love that I don’t have to shovel a walk or cut the grass because the maintenance crew does it all. Very nice.

    Manuel: Yeah, my cat won’t wash dishes, so I too become the dishwasher when my automatic one breaks down.

    AlienCG: I don’t remember a time I’ve ever become sick of “Love Shack”.

  5. Churlita: Yeah I never knew about that before I rented! I always remember either my parents having to fix something or them hiring someone who’d cost an arm and a leg.

    Ksra: Aw thanks! Yes, what are you waiting for, go post that Saturday Scavenger Shot on Tuesday. Tsk. ;)

    Noregrets: I sure will! Only the best. But you’ll have to send them back, they’re just on loan. :)

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