The Coworkers (The McDonald’s Story – Part 3)

Okay so we were trained and then we were soon on our own, doing the restaurant thing. We had lots of fun working with everyone. We could even joke around with the managers which could get pretty interesting. I’ll tell you some stories in bullet points.

– We wore headsets while working in drive-thru, and usually one of the managers had one on too so that they could hear us if we had a question or whatever. Or if they had to bark at us to “pull it” which sounds amusing now but it was code for when we’d have to tell the customer at the window to pull their car off to the side while their food was being prepared and so we could wait on the next car. Most of us hated telling the customers to drive over to the waiting area, because they’d look at us like we were making them wait for the hell of it. Anyway, we were in the middle of an unexpected rush and I kept asking for some help. Apparently when we realized help was not an option, we got through the rush ourselves. Then help came after the fact. My manager threw up her arms and joked with me, “Hey you wanted help, so I sent you some when you didn’t need it!” Once I was in safe distance from authority and I felt bold, I said to her through the headset, “How wonderfully inconvenient.” My coworker, H, laughed, the manager thankfully laughed and said, “Watch it, girl! I think you’ve been hanging around with ‘H’ too long!” It’s true. “H” wasn’t afraid of rude customers or of too much authority.

– Another time while I was in drive-thru, I was rushing to get an order. The maintenance guy was standing by along with his assistant after they had just mopped the floor. I slipped and landed on one of my vulnerable, bony knees. I helped myself up before they could react and our maintenance guy, J, joked, “Well Tara I knew that you liked me, but you didn’t have to bow to me!” Bwah ha ha. Can you say worker’s comp, jokester? Actually, he was a nice guy, one of the funniest guys I had worked with in that place. I had a huge bruise on my knee later, but I laughed at the experience. Just like the time I slipped on the floor twice in front of a table filled with boys while walking through my high school cafeteria. I was mortified at the time but the incident still makes me laugh now.

– One of the assistant managers nicknamed me “Little Miss Attitude”. Why? I’m not quite sure. I may have been bossy with him while asking for an order one day and my nickname was born. It’s possible, I think I had my bossiest moments at that place. Hey, whatever it took to avoid the wrath of hungry, angry people from jumping over the counter or worse, reporting us to the manager. Anyway he was cool too. They all were, I can’t think of many people who I hated while working there. Some were irritating and frustrating at times, but nothing worse.

– We had a walk-in freezer. One of my evening coworkers, T, would go in there to get stuff for the grill. He wore glasses like I did, and I remembered him saying, “Whenever I walk out of the freezer my glasses slowly fog up. It’s like I’m dying and all my loved ones are fading from my view.” Okay it may sound morbid now, but it was hilarious then and it was funny to me when I just remembered it. But anyone who wears glasses has probably experienced them fogging up at one time or another.

– Another thing T said that got a few of us laughing was when he saw our manager’s bra strap briefly one day. He said while covering his eyes, “Oh gawd, please somebody stab my eyes out, I just saw ‘L’s bra strap.”

– My coworker C and I had a laugh after he told a customer in drive-thru, “Wait here while I grab your nuggets.”

– You can probably sense a pattern about drive-thru. Seemed most of the fun was in that area. More than a few times we’d break into song. Usually a song that was popular at the time. I remember us singing to “Wonderwall” by Oasis, “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morisette (that one we had to be careful with around customers) and “One of Us” by Joan Osborne. We finished that song up while customers waited at the window and they asked if they could give us a tip for singing to them. Good times, good times.

– While I was on a break in our little TV room, one of my coworkers came in all exhausted from a dinner rush. He sat down and mumbled to me, “Will you marry me?” I agreed. Then he nodded and went back upstairs. He never gave me a ring or anything, but wouldn’t you consider us engaged?

Well there are more memories but I’m trying to organize them a bit. This post was about coworkers, the next post will probably be about some customers.


Here is a shot of a few of my McDonald’s peeps. Against the wall there, we have one of our managers, J. She was the only one not looking at the camera. We were watching “Seinfeld” during our break, it was understood. Then next to her you’ll find M who people said looked just like me. Even my Creative Writing professor from college admitted that he opened his arms and shouted, “Tara!” when she waited on him once. Okay then across from her is her boyfriend, R, then the guy looking crazed is B. He was an assistant manager and also the one who called me “Little Miss Attitude”.


5 thoughts on “The Coworkers (The McDonald’s Story – Part 3)

  1. I luv your stories! You did have some good time! Such a fun bunch of co workers. If you work with cool people, it makes hard work seem fun. I’ve worked at some of the hardest places, but I stayed because I liked the people. Then I took off for something new.

    That’s hilarious about the college professor and the mistaken identity. Congratulations on the engagement ;) That’s funny! For the reception, will we choose between the Big Mac or the Filet o Fish sandwich?

  2. Eros: I’ll tell ya, I worked there for three years and I know that they went fast because I worked with those people. It almost seemed like we were all going to the same school.

    And thank you, the choice for the wedding meal will be either a Big Mac or a Chicken sandwich. Classy stuff. :)

    Silver: Definitely!

    Churlita: Kinda cute, but too young.

    Laura B.: Thanks! I like writing about them, too. Some stories still make me laugh. Yeah I’m glad I have a few photos from that experience!

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