Lons and Toads

We’ve all been really busy in our department lately and I was given a few huge projects – a teensy bit of stress and it effects me in different ways. It can build up and I can eventually have a good cry or….the opposite happens and the dumbest thing will make me lose it with laughter.

I walked into my associate’s office today to get some files and in a tone of playful sarcasm he asked me if I was having any fun yet.

What I meant to say was “Tons”, but I was thinking “Loads”. So what came out of my mouth first was, “Lons….I mean Toads…wait…”

My associate repeated, “Lons?”

Trying to keep my composure while we were both snickering, I said, “I meant to say ‘loads and tons’. But I guess I answered your question!”

“You did! In extra detail!”

I gathered up the files I needed, along with my waning dignity and went back to my office. The more I thought about how I messed up those words, the harder I laughed until the tears ran down my face. I love that kind of breakdown.


6 thoughts on “Lons and Toads

  1. Eros: I love laughter as a stress breaker. I wish they could bottle it.

    Ksra: Thanks, I would like to have lons and toads with you and El Fid very soon, once we get out of the ice age in this lovely state. Your belated Christmas presents are slowly turning into your birthday presents.

    Laura B: It still makes me laugh. Almost sounds like London Bridge. “Lons and toads are falling down…”

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