A Few Prayers/Get Well Wishes

Found out late last week that my former boss had a heart attack while working at his present job. Word around campus is that he’s going to be okay. I hope he takes it easy while recovering, but that’s not his style.

Then I found out that one of our instructors, a guy who was a pretty laid-back, nice guy, was in a car accident. He’s in critical condition.

But wait, there’s more! My new manager’s step-father had a heart attack too. According to my manager, he’ll be okay too.

Anyway prayers and/or well wishes go out to all of them. Thank you very much to the fire fighters who freed our instructor from the car accident, too. You guys rock, and that’s an understatement.


7 thoughts on “A Few Prayers/Get Well Wishes

  1. Laura B.: Wow exactly, it was one right after another!

    Eroswings: Thank you!

    NoRegrets: I would be fearing too!

    Churlita: Thank you, I hope they do too.

    K_sra: I will try my hardest to stay safe and well! :)

    Manuel: Yeah, I just found out that one of our secretaries is in the hospital due to a bad reaction she had to her meds. She seems to be doing better though. Called me from the hospital and told me she was having her daughter bring her work.

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