I Put the “T” in Meme…Wait. Whuh?

Here’s an alphabet meme for ya if you feel so bold. A letter from the alphabet is assigned. Eros from “Eros Den” did this meme. He was assigned the letter “S” and then when he finished the meme he assigned the letter “T” for anyone who wanted to try it. Next step is to write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your blog. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on.

1. Tea! A nice cup of herbal tea, especially at work, chills me out. Sometimes I like tea better than coffee.

2. Time – for doing stuff I like to do, whether it’s laughing with friends and family, blogging, exercising, reading..Stuff like that.

3. Turkey sub – Those are tasty. I buy a six inch from Subway every once in awhile and it’s a nice light lunch.

4. Theater – Gotta love going to the theater to watch a movie. Also love the other type of theater. Going to see plays, musicals and comedians.

5. Travel – I love to fly somewhere for vacation. Even the craziness of an airport can be exciting…Sometimes. But yes I love flying to places, especially to warmer climates.

6. Torti – type of calico cat and also the type of cat I have by the name of Skittles. She’s an awesome roommate (although she doesn’t help pay my rent)

7. Technical toys – Like my computer, MP3 player, TV, duel DVD/VHS player, Wii, etc.

8. Typing till I run out of ideas – I was on a kick for the past couple days, and I’d like that back because there’s more to type.

9. Trying new food – I love buying different food from the store and trying it out. I recently tried a meal made for vegans and it was filled with multi-grains and protein with a little kick from the spices. It was gooood.

10. The Spring season. Is it cheating that I used “the” as my “T” word? Oh well. It is true, I love Spring…and Summer and Autumn. I have issues with Winter sometimes.

Your assigned letter, should you choose to accept it, is the letter “U”.

8 thoughts on “I Put the “T” in Meme…Wait. Whuh?

  1. Totally Terrific set of Ts! I like them all! I’m particularly fond of Time and Travel. Now if I could find a way to combine the two, I’d never stop having fun! Well, I’d stop to pet the Torti and eat a Turkey sub in between playing with the Tech toys.

    I’m going to start working on ‘U’!

  2. Daffy: Oo yes I love TicTacs too! And thank you, I am well! I hope you are too!

    AlienCG: No, “U” is definitely more challenging.

    Silver: Never tried the honey wheat roll, usually I go with the standard Italian bread. But oh so good!

    Laura B.: You were successful with that challenge!

    Eros: You’ve gotta take time to pet the Torti and eat turkey! You’ve just gotta.

    Churlita: Thanks! “U” is a bit tougher.

    K_sra: There ya go! :D

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