Saturday Scavenger Shots: Outside

Hey peeps! I was supposed to work today but guess what? Snow day! Tons of snow fell on us last night and most of the day today up until about an hour ago. While getting ready for work, I thought, “Wow, it keeps coming down hard!” So I checked the TV stations but they had stopped scrolling anything across the screen. I just went about getting ready and brushing my teeth when I had an idea to check the website of one of the main channels. I did that and, lo and behold, the school I work for was listed in their school closings! Woo hoo! So I stayed in my bare feet and PJs and poured myself a huge cup of coffee. Bliss.

I did take some photos for this week’s word, “outside” chosen by Churlita!

Outside on Saturday

Outside on Saturday

Did I mention we had some snow last night? Here it is complete with a shot of the snow plow on probably a tenth attempt at clearing the lot. That was actually just this morning and the snow kept coming down.

Snowy Tree

Snowy Tree

Here’s a nearby tree that was so loaded up with heavy snow that it was leaning a bit. There weren’t many people outside to look at it, so I took a photo of it from my warm apartment.

Very Comfy Winter Boots

Very Comfy Winter Boots

These boots are perfect for when I have to venture outside in the snow.

Geared Up

Geared Up

This was taken earlier this week, actually. Not much snow but it was fah-reeezing outside!

Skittles Venturing Outside

Skittles Venturing Outside

Finally, Skittles was curious about what was going on outside, so I let her out for a few minutes. She doesn’t like walking on snow, but she found a section of balcony pavement that wasn’t touched by the white stuff. So she sat there watching the birds and looking up at something. She looked like a proper snow cat.

Well I hope you didn’t catch a cold from looking at the snow photos. Have an awesome weekend!


10 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Outside

  1. Silver: Thank you, I did!

    Noregrets: I’ll Fed-Ex you some snow! :) Thank you!

    Laura B. Thank you! I thought of you when I took those shots because I figured you don’t get that much in your area. Every time I see snow like that I tell myself I’m going to move out west.

    Tim: I’m sure there are places that have more snow than us, but honestly this is enough. Really, nature shouldn’t have. :) But on the upside I love my snow days!

  2. I luv the snow pics! It all looks soooo pretty…but I know that it is cold! Hooray for snow day!

    There’s supposed to be an Arctic Freeze coming down these parts next weekend. They say it might snow! The last time that happened was 2004! It’s supposed to happen every hundred years or so…but it might happen on Friday night/Sat morning. Lucky for us, it only lasts a few hours.

  3. Eros: Wow the last time it snowed in your area was in 2004? Lucky! I can deal with the cold, though.

    Churlita: Thank you! Yeah, when it is a new dusting without being dirtied by cars, it is pretty!

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