Two things. A few guys paid me a visit at my work the other day. They work at a place we order from when we need prints and stuff. Both of them were new to the company and they were stopping by to introduce themselves and show me a proof of what they created for our department. Both were really nice and not pushy.

Well I had a dream last night that I was walking down a hallway at work on the same day they had visited. I looked up and recognized one of the guys from the printing company. Turns out he had been lost in our building all day since the time I had met him. He smiled at me and asked me where the restroom (bathroom) was located. I gave him directions and that was the end of my dream.

Then later today, in reality, a student needed me to help him create a resume. He said he worked in the dairy section of a grocery store. I forgot how to spell dairy. Had to Google it. Now I know.


12 thoughts on “Dairy

  1. Suze: Thank you! Thought it was time for a blog layout change type thing. :)

    Silver: No, thankfully he did not know that I Googled it. Almost admitted to him that I did it, though.

  2. Tara said ” I can’t spell good” – which leads to the question, if it isn’t the word ‘good’ she was trying to spell (as she can’t spell very well, then what word did she mean?

    This question then gets even worse with the thought that if she is also dyslectic, she might have meant to write just about anything here…..

    *wanders off to rest head*

  3. Eros: The last person who worked for that particular company gave us notebooks with a pen attached. I still have mine.

    T-Bird: The new guys didn’t give me free things, actually, they just gave me a sample of what I ordered. But the UPS lady that comes in now and then has given me some awesome trinkets including a miniature UPS box filled with chewing gum.

    Grakki: Hey Grak, how are you? Hope you rested your head a bit. :)

    Laura B. Maybe it’s in the air then! Yeah, that’s my excuse. :) I thought dairy was spelled dary. Didn’t look right. That’s why I had to Google it.

  4. Cats are so funny when they are not used to snow! I don’t have anyplace safe to let our cat outside or I would let him walk on the snow for a laugh.

    I’ve been meaning to swing by forever and let you know how much I love your new haircut. It’s darling!

  5. Abroad: Hi there! Thank you!

    My mom’s cat got some snow on one of his paws and he ran back inside and started trying to shake the snow off. I wish I had seen that.

    Churlita: I don’t usually have a problem spelling things either, but yeah if I’m stuck on one and it doesn’t sound right, I have to either write it down or look it up.

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