Training Day (The McDonald’s Story – Part 2)

I started my job at McDonald’s the same day another lady started. She was older and lived near me with her teenage son. On our first day, we were led down into the basement and into the staff lounge area. Our manager popped in an employee training video. Must’ve been from the 1980s – it was funny but it wasn’t meant to be. The actors had smiles plastered onto their faces like Stepford villagers and their lines were delivered without a breath, “I’m sorry there was something wrong with your order ma’am I’ll get someone to fix it right away!” We did learn some stuff from the video, though. We were serious workers.

Then we were given a laminated template of the buttons on the registers, so that we could get acquainted with something we’d be using most of the time. I learned though, that if someone came in asking for a vegetarian burger, we had to press the breakfast button labeled “no sausage”.

The woman who trained with me, I’ll call her J, once punished her son by gathering up all the phones they had in their apartment and brought them with her to work so that he couldn’t chit chat with his friends while he was grounded. This was before everyone and their cat owned a cell phone. If her son had one of those, I’m sure she would’ve collected that too. Another coworker and I found out about this during lunch one time when J was about to leave. She had a bag with her which knocked against the wall and a phone fell out. We had a good laugh after she explained herself. I told my mom about it too, and whenever we’d go down the street we’d expect to see J carrying a plastic bag o’phones with her.

More stories tomorrow. Until then, here’s an old McDonald’s training video for your enjoyment. I was happily surprised to find a few of them on YouTube, but this one was doctored up a bit. Unfortunately it’s not the same video we saw during our orientation, but there are similarities.


9 thoughts on “Training Day (The McDonald’s Story – Part 2)

  1. Dated training videos are funny! Esp. when you start paying attention to the clothes and hair styles!

    That’s hilarious about the phones! That woman took her mothering job seriously!

    Who the heck goes into a McDonald’s and asks for a veggie burger!?!

    And how crafty of McDonald’s to figure out a way to profit from it!

  2. I remember watching safety training videos from the 70’s and early 80’s.. they are funny.. but they also make a point.. I’m not surprised you found some training vids on youtube..

  3. Silver: Yup, it makes it so much easier, doesn’t it?

    Eros: I always like looking at the designs of the cups and containers and how much they’ve changed since then. My mom and I still laugh about the lady and her bag of phones. Nowadays, she’d have to bag up his computer, too!

    Oh and yes it was ridiculous for someone to order a veggie burger in that place, but it happened more than once and there’s a story for that too.

    Babybull: Hi, welcome back! Yes, I should really stop underestimating YouTube, shouldn’t I? :)

  4. I’m glad you took your job seriously. I like to picture all the people handling my food as taking their job seriously, even though deep in my heart I know that couldn’t be true.

    That training video is great :-)

  5. Churlita: I would think it would be! If I was living with my mom and she unplugged the computer that would be punishment for me.

    Laura B: One of the reasons I’m nice to restaurant workers now is that I know how much power they have over my food.

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