Happy (Belated) 12th Night of Christmas/Make Your Favorite Hot Beverage

I meant to post something yesterday to celebrate the 12th Night of Christmas (the Epiphany). Tim from “Sparky Malarkey” suggested we raise up our beverages and toast to all of our friends, which is an excellent idea with or without a holiday!

And today, according the calendar, we should make our favorite hot beverage! This idea was brought to us by Laura B.! Why not merge two holidays in one? Let us toast to all of our awesome friends by raising a cup of our favorite hot beverage!

Here’s to all of my friends – friends I’ve met in person, friends I met while blogging, Facebook friends, MySpace friends, imaginary friends…You name it! Cheers!

PS: Oh and what is your favorite hot beverage? I do love a good cup of hot chocolate with a candy cane stuck in there and some whipped cream. But lately I’ve been trying different flavors and types of tea. My favorite so far is Twining’s of London brand Pure Peppermint herbal tea and Lemon Ginger tea. That lemon ginger has a kick to it.

7 thoughts on “Happy (Belated) 12th Night of Christmas/Make Your Favorite Hot Beverage

  1. Cheers Tara! My favourite hot drink… hmmm… tea (preferably Earl Grey) first thing in the morning, and a Grande Misto in Starbucks at lunchtime. I got given some candy canes for Christmas, so I think I’ll give your hot chocolate/candy cane combo a whirl (particularly as it’s *so* cold over here at the moment!).

  2. Cheers!

    I do love tea–hot or cold. But for a special treat, esp on long drives or very chilly mornings, I love gas station cappuccinos, the ones that cost a buck! Irish Cream or French Vanilla, both are very good!

  3. Tim: If you like the taste of chocolate mint, you should definitely try the candy cane in hot chocolate. My comment started out sounding like an infomercial.

    Eros: I’ve never tried a gas station cappuccino! I’ve tried convenient store coffee, but nothing beyond the regular coffee they sell.

    Laura B.: Mm, spiced cider sounds delicious right now. And coffee can’t be ignored either as a great hot beverage.

    Laura B. I was wondering about that too, and picking someone new sounds like the right plan of action. I do hope Cricket comes back soon, though.

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