Science Fiction Day (Science fiction pioneer, Isaac Asimov, born this day in 1920)

Today is Isaac Asimov’s birthday! According to Wikipedia, he is “widely considered a master of the science-fiction genre and, along with Robert A. Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke, was considered one of the ‘Big Three’ science-fiction writers during his lifetime”. Here are some stats on this Sci-Fi guy:

Lived from c. January 2, 1920 until April 6, 1992
Born in Petrovichi, RSFSR
Literary movement: Golden Age of Science Fiction
Notable work(s): Foundation Trilogy, Nightfall

His most famous work is the Foundation Series. Click here for more info. His other major series are the Galactic Empire series (contains three of Asimov’s earliest novels and one short story) and the Robot series.

Happy Birthday, Isaac Asimov!


4 thoughts on “Science Fiction Day (Science fiction pioneer, Isaac Asimov, born this day in 1920)

  1. I tried to read Asimov’s books at too early an age and was completely put off them. I can appreciate his work, I just don’t necessarily like it … kudos to him for coming up with some fantastic sci-fi concepts though!

  2. Eros: Yeah and I remember a special on TV in the 80s based on the works of Arthur C. Clark. I didn’t know about Asimov until I was looking up some holidays for this month.

    Tim: I’ve never read Asimov’s stuff, at least not that I know of.

    Laura B: Yeah, I’m more into the Sci-fi movies and the Sci Fi channel, but not literature.

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