Christmas in a Nutshell and Other Stuff

I was going to post photos of what I got for Christmas, but in the time it takes for all that, I might as well just list the stuff, right?

– One flower bulb to grow
– One awesomely Spring-green sweater
– Lots of cool Christmas ornaments
– One cinnamon-scented Air Freshener that doubles as a night light
– One loaf of very tasty cranberry bread (made by one of my brothers)
– The Wii game “Mario Kart” (which I’m addicted to already)
– Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and….

**Edit: One more thing I got was a cute little lamp from my mom! Have to get that settled in a proper location – probably on my nightstand or the other table with the greenhouse on it.**

Also received the following movies:

– “Hellboy II: The Golden Army”
– “Get Smart”
– “The Dark Knight”

Good stuff, people. Very good stuff.

Okay and what else…

– I miss choir practice! It’s not that surprising to me, it’s just that I’m so used to driving to the Methodist church to practice each Monday, and it’s just a little weird that I won’t be doing that for a few weeks. There’s a void there…in my heart. It hurts. No, seriously, I do miss it but I just have to wait a few more weeks for practice to start again.

– Saturday I invited an acquaintance of mine to meet for coffee at a shop. It was an acquaintance of the male folk. Not a date, just a chance to meet casually. It was nice, we chatted for a few hours. I hope to do that again with him, but I’m not confident he wants the same. But we’ll see. He’s a “challenging” guy to read. And by “challenging” I mean freaking difficult to know how he really feels. I sent him a Christmas card with fun stickers, he sent me a CD mixed with some catchy songs I’ve never heard of till now. I like that, so I told him so. But right now it’s a mental roller coaster (and I’m not talking about the CD).

– Now it’s time to get ready for a fresh new year. Yay! Not sure what 2009 will bring (besides an awesome new President’s future filled with nice promises), but I hope it’s a great year for all of us.

– I think that’s it for now, but just thought I’d add another bullet point.


11 thoughts on “Christmas in a Nutshell and Other Stuff

  1. Sounds like you got quite the haul! Excellent! That’s pretty cool of you to invite someone to hang out. You never know what happens. Maybe it could be the start of something; or maybe not. But at least you had fun. Some of my best friendships started out like that.

  2. I love your new stuff, Tara! Nice swag! Bulbs are very cool, I think.

    Oh my, oh my…a meeting of the male kind. Good for you! Shyer girls like us need to make that effort, right? The fact that he took the time to make you a mix CD sounds promising to me.

    I am feeling optimistic about 2009. Woo hoo!

  3. Eroswings: Thanks, I am happy with my Christmas treasures! As for the guy, I hope something more develops, but at this point I’m not going to hurt myself or wasted my time by holding my breath.

    Laura B: I hope I can get that bulb to grow, I think it needs more soil. But I shall try! I’m feeling optimistic about 2009 too. Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised when I received a greeting card from him for Christmas and a mixed CD.

    FW: Thank you! :) Yes, I really love that Mario Kart. I need to play it with my brother and his family. They’re the ones who bought it for me and it would be fun to race with them.

    Tim: We watched it on Christmas Day and you’re right it’s just as good on TV – although I do miss the smell of theater popcorn and Twizzlers wafting in the air. :)

  4. Churlita: He is pretty shy, so that is probably some of it. I can definitely relate to that.

    Suze: It is fun, I played more of it last night!

    NJ: Thank you, Happy New Year to you too! I did have a really nice Christmas.

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