Saturday Scavenger Shots: White

I have my days all messed up and totally forgot to post something for the Saturday Scavenger Shot word yesterday! Ack! Well better late than never, so let’s get started. This week’s word, “white”, was brought to us by Mr. Manuel over at Manuel’s View.


Here’s a bottle of Clorox bleach. It helps white clothes stay white. Next to the bottle are just a few trinkets for decoration.


Here are my Dove products: a white bar of Dove, hypoallergenic soap and a white bottle of deodorant. I don’t leave home without using these products. You’re welcome.


Here’s a white, LifeSaver mint.


A white greenhouse. Is that possible? This greenhouse is currently being used to display a Christmassy, Winter scene complete with white, fake snow.


Finally, here’s my snowman made of white, frosted glass that my mom gave to me. He sits on a white shelf in my bathroom and is illuminated by a little white, battery-powered tea light that goes underneath.

Lots of photos, but I figured I should make up for my lateness. There ya have it!


7 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: White

  1. AlienCG: Thank you. And you are welcome, it’s always nice to hear when people do use cleaning products. Can’t imagine not using them.

    LB: That greenhouse is one of my favorite things for decoration. Sometimes I do use it for plants.

    Churlita: Likewise! It’s nice to know people still use soap and deodorant, isn’t it?

    Noregrets: Thanks! I like it too. So many decorating options.

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