Party Like It’s 2009

Hey everyone! Here are the eclectic days of the first month of 2009! Woot! Thank you for all of your ideas!


1. Have a Happy and Healthy 2009!/Hangover Cures for New Year’s Day
2. Science Fiction Day (Science fiction pioneer, Isaac Asimov, born this day in 1920)
3. National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day/Ray Milland’s Birthday (1907)
4. Girlie Girl’s 16th Birthday
5. Break One of Your New Year’s Resolutions Day
6. Celebrate the 12th Night of Christmas and Raise a Glass to Your Friends and Family
7. Make Your Favorite Hot Beverage Day
8. English Toffee Day/Show-and-Tell at Work Day
9. Be an Optimist Day
10. Sleep Appreciation Day
11. Amelia Earhart Day (Start of Amelia Earhart’s two-day solo flight across the Pacific, 1935)
12. Milkshake Appreciation Day
13. Start a New Hobby Day
14. Sanitize Your Computer’s Keyboard Day
15. Eat Healthy Day
16. Religious Freedom Day
17. Make a Sock Puppet Day (Shari Lewis’s Birthday – Born this day in 1933 – creator of the puppet called Lambchop)
18. Cary Grant’s Birthday (born this day back in 1904)
19. Bald Eagle Appreciation Days (Held the third weekend of each January)
20. Watch a Classic Movie Day
21. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday/National Hugging Day
22. Answer Your Cat’s Question Day
23. National Pie Day and Compliment Day
24. TV Game Show Day (In observance of Mark Goodman’s birthday, January 24, 1915)
25. Create an Award Acceptance Speech for Yourself (First Emmy Awards, 1949)
26. Australia Day
27. National Chocolate Cake Day/Bridget Fonda, 1964 (Actress)
28. Elijah Wood’s Birthday (1981)
29. Binge on Corn Chips and Salsa while Watching a Movie Day (National Corn Chip Day)
30. Have a Picnic in Your Living Room Day
31. Bring “Sexy Back” Day (Justin Timberlake’s Birthday – 1981)

Astrological Signs

Capricorn: December 22 – January 19
Aquarius: January 20 – February 18


Garnet (symbol of constancy and fidelity)

Flower of the Month

Carnation and Snowdrop


4 thoughts on “Party Like It’s 2009

  1. LB: I’m curious about my cat’s questions, too. :)

    Churlita: Yeah, I like those too!

    Ksra: Aw thanks! Wishing you an onslaught of best wishes for 2009 as well. More happy, fun and crazy times.

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