New Ideas for a New Year!

Hey all, I’m sorry I’ve been a blog slacker. I know it’s normal from time to time, but I feel lately like I just missed the bus a few times on here. Anyway, I hope you’re all getting all set for the holidays! I’m excited now. Frazzled a bit, but excited. All the presents have been bought and wrapped, the bathroom is clean, the kitchen is half-cleaned and I bought a honey baked ham for the guests tomorrow night (I’m only presenting half of it so I have the rest for leftovers. Muah ha ha).

Okay, back to the point! January 2009 is coming up and we need a whole new list of zany, wacky, creative holiday ideas for the calendar. Any ideas are very, very welcome!

Grouchy Tara Face

Let me explain this photo. It was a very candid shot taken by my brother this past Summer. We were waiting for my nephew and his band to start their 4th of July concert in the park. My mom had brought candy and Fig Newtons for us to munch on. I got up to throw some trash away while I was sucking on a candy. I looked up and my brother had just taken a photo of me.

It’s obvious I didn’t check the mirror much before going on that picnic, and it’s also obvious I had a world of thoughts in my head. Obviously not happy thoughts either, although I don’t know what the hell was troubling me so much, I can only guess. Could’ve been the humidity, could’ve been my acne making me feel self conscious, could’ve been my weight or a combo of all sorts of stuff. But it all manifested in that expression on my face.

My brother sat there looking at the viewer on his camera and grinned from ear to ear. He said, “Well that’s gonna have to be deleted.” Not that I really believed him, he’s a bit mischievous. Okay, very mischievous. But I put it out of my mind until two of my other brothers visited later this year. My brother was showing them some photos and each time he did, I heard laughter. He finally showed me and…yikes. Then the other day my nephew sent me a back of photos for a project/gift we were all working on, and that photo was included. Out of an act of either bravery or boredom, I thought I’d share with you one of the worst photos of me.


8 thoughts on “New Ideas for a New Year!

  1. Aw, Tara the Deep Thinker! I find it very endearing :-)

    Okay, some Jan. idears…

    4th – Girlie Girl’s 16th birthday (yikes)
    Break One of Your New Year’s Resolutions Day
    Make Your Favorite Hot Beverage Day
    Be an Optimist Day

  2. Oh, Tara. I love you for your bravery. You are one of the most fearless “shy” people I know! I like the photo’s defiance. I rarely see that look on your face (at least not intentionally) so it’s interesting to know that that side of you DOES in fact exist. Keep on rockin’ the free world. It’s crazy crap like this that makes you one of my heros!

  3. It looks like you’re pondering mankind’s most vexing problems! Very deep in thought! Very intense! I like it! It’s such a humanizing portrayal, easily recognized and identified with by the human eye and emotions.

    January 8 is English Toffee Day and Show and Tell at Work Day

    January 22 is Answer Your Cat’s Question Day (I many need a translator for the strays and pets that hang around my porch!)

    January 23 is National Pie Day and Compliment Day

    January 27 is National Chocolate Cake Day

  4. NoRegrets: Yeah, it definitely shows another side of me. Hehe.

    Laura B.: Thanks, yeah, I was doing some deep thinking there. About what, I don’t know. I love your holiday ideas!

    Dmarks: They’d better not, right? >:)

    Churlita: Surly’s the right word for it. Thank you. :D Good holiday idea!

    Tim: That photo still makes my brother laugh! I like your idea for January!

    K_sra: Haha, thanks, I’m glad you enjoy my defiant photo. :)

    Eroswings: Thanks, it was an intense day, I guess! You have some good ides there for January. Thank you!

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