B.O., Bad Stunts, Wind Chill and Music

Yesterday our choir had dress rehearsal for our concert that happened earlier today. We were practicing our line-up order in a smaller auditorium backstage. I turned to a few women behind me to talk to one of them, and I got bombarded with a nasty, terrifying smell of body odor. It wasn’t coming from the woman I was talking to, but I think it came from the woman next to her and also perhaps one of the ladies standing next to me. Enough to gag a maggot (I love that expression, but I seriously mean it).

Well I was soon distracted by the unsettling sound of someone falling. We all turned and one of the ladies had stood too close to the edge of the stage and fell off, hurting herself badly. I thought she had hurt the back of her neck, someone else said she hurt her chin? She was in pain, it was obvious. People helped her out but most of us received word that she was okay.

Learned today while practicing, that she cracked three of her ribs on that fall. But she showed up for the concert! She was our flute player when she wasn’t singing. A damn good flute player I must add. And with that pain, she played her flute. The whole concert went really well and our director looked very happy. On the way back out, the flute lady was in back of me. She had a cheerful, authentic smile on her face and I asked her how she was doing. She said “Oh I’m fine!”

Now here’s where I might sound a tad sadistic. When I heard she had three cracked ribs, a tiny seed in my head was thinking of the song “Twelve Days of Christmas”, only with different lyrics. “On the third day of choir, my true love gave to me…three cracked ribs, two broken legs (her legs are fine, nobody broke their legs) and a partridge in a pear tree….” Sick, right? I never sang this out loud, of course, I doubt she would’ve been amused. I’m just glad she’s going to be okay.

Oh and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it did not blizzard before, during our after our concert. The sun was out. Sure it was colder than cold, but the sun was out. It may have been too cold to snow. That’s my theory. Lots of people showed up, a few got pushy at the door, I heard. Good times, though, it was a very nice concert to end 2008.


9 thoughts on “B.O., Bad Stunts, Wind Chill and Music

  1. Congratulations on another successful performance! I’m glad the falling lady turned out to be okay…she sounds like quite a trooper.
    hee hee! I love your new version of The Twelve Days of Christmas, but yeah, that is probably best left here where people understand you :-)

  2. I’m pleased for you that the concert turned out alright. I would have probably had the same thought or one similar! At least she was okay and might have seen the funny side, but its certainly something best kept to yourself and your blog buddies.

  3. Wow, three cracked ribs, that must have been one hell of a fall. It’s not sadistic to think of those words, I think it’s funny. Now, can you write the rest of the words?

  4. Laura B: I can imagine she was feeling it the next day. Poor thing. Hopefully she can take some time to take it easy and heal.

    FW: Yup, definitely one of those exclusive blog things, not something to pass around to the choir. I’m glad she’ll be okay too.

    Erin: Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! I can’t even imagine how much that hurts, but I’m glad you’re okay now.

    Churlita: I can’t imagine singing the amount of songs we had with cracked ribs.

    AlienCG: From what I heard, I guess when she hit the seats, she bounced off of them a bit. Yikes. I’ll see if I can make up some more lyrics for that song, though.

  5. Aw, glad you weren’t cracking any ribs… here’s some other lyrics for your song:

    four fractured toes,
    three cracked ribs,
    two broken legs
    and emergency trachiotomy!”


  6. I was wondering how your concert turned out. Such drama! I’m glad it turned out great! As for the falling flute lady, you know she just set the bar really high now for bearing injuries so the show must go on! I can see it now:

    Sick choir member: I have sore throat, my sinuses are acting up, and I feel sick.

    Flute lady: Boo hoo! I broke three ribs and still made the concert!

  7. Ksra: Thank you for the other lyrics, it’ll be the new Christmas song for next year. :)

    Eros: You’re right, we’d all have to have a much better excuse for not attending our concerts from now on.

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