The Joker, I Can Handle

I had another dream last night, but thankfully it wasn’t about work. It was a scene related to “The Dark Knight”, only I stepped in to help Bruce Wayne/Batman. Yes, little ole me. Two-Face was there too, but he must’ve ducked out in the commotion.

It was at night, we were in the rain and Two-Face was hanging desperately onto a fire escape ladder attached to an apartment. Bruce Wayne was threatening him with a cigarette lighter, words were said and I saw Two-Face look past both of us. We turned and the Joker was approaching. I rolled underneath the fire escape for some reason, Two-Face escaped, and suddenly the fire escape and attached building became my bed and there were flames nearby and the Joker was heading right towards both me and now Batman. I jumped on my bed and waited for the Joker to bring it on, which he did, laughing the way he does.

But just as we were really about to fight, that’s when I woke up. Damn it.

I was told a few weeks ago to not buy “The Dark Knight” for myself because somebody else bought it for me. So I’m thinking I had that in my head last night. Or I drank coffee too late.


9 thoughts on “The Joker, I Can Handle

  1. I love remembering my dreams! It’s as if I have a race with myself whilst I try and gather all the details before they fade away.
    I dreamt my dad in law told me hated me the other night and I told my husband.
    “Why did he say that?” asked the husband
    I replied, “Because I ran over some sheep”
    My huband looked at me for a moment then said,
    “Yep, that would do it, my dad does have a fondness for sheep”
    :o) I wonder what that means!
    Your dream sounds better!

  2. Tim: I love those kinds of dreams. Didn’t write it down right away, but it was exciting enough that I remembered it until I wrote it down in the afternoon. Try drinking half calf coffee before going to bed. Not fully caffeinated, cuz that will keep you up. But you might have some funky dreams then.

    Churlita: I’ve only seen that movie once, but really liked it. I can’t wait to get it for Christmas.

    Laura B.: Yup, I’d rather dream about the Joker than the jokers at work. Hehe.

    Eroswings: Yeah, I like those dreams when I either confront something or have the courage to escape from a bad situation.

    Daffy: That sounds like a funny, weird dream too! I would definitely be upset if someone ran over my sheep. :)

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