Tree’s Company

First of all, thank you all so much for the awesome, supportive comments in my previous post. I am all over it now, and finally have photos of my tree! Here they are:

Christmas Bird

Christmas Bird

This is an ornament a friend sent to me from England! She made it! Cool, right?

Christmas Pickle

Christmas Pickle

Here’s a Christmas pickle that’s supposed to bring good luck. It’s not a real pickle, you can’t eat it. But it’s a very nice ornament my mom gave to me!

Star for Da Tree

Star for Da Tree

Here’s a tree topper I bought for my tree. I should put a light in there so that it’s illuminated along with the tree.

The Tara Tree All Lit Up!

The Tara Tree All Lit Up!

Finally, here is my tree all lit up and decorated! Yay! I thought I’d have to add more ornaments, but I think the tree is happy with what it has on there already. There are both new and childhood ornaments mixed in. Yay! Next on the agenda is making Christmas cookies and wrapping presents. In no particular order.


10 thoughts on “Tree’s Company

  1. Hi Tara,

    Nice Blog and love the pics of your tree. i especially like the Pickle ornament.
    Do you know the story behind the pickle, if not check out my blog at Also, if you are interested I have a web sight with Old World Christmas ornaments, have carried for over 15years now.
    Good job,


  2. It’s a lovely tree, Tara. I do not have a pickle ornament, but I do have a South Park ornament, along with 2 Cincinnati Bengals and a couple Cleveland Indians ornaments.

  3. Laura B: Thank you! I hope you do start feeling merry very soon.

    Suze: Uh…yeah, so I haven’t completely finished the tree. Next on my list is to place presents I bought for you around the tree. ;)

    TheVillage: I do know the story, it’s German, right? I will check out the link, thank you so much for your comment!

    AlienCG: Thank you! I think Southpark ornaments are also considered good luck for the new year.

  4. Nice tree!

    I always think its nice when people have oranaments on their tree that have backstories to them rather than just some generic ornaments that they really don’t care about.

  5. Babybull: Thank you! Yeah, I like that pickle too. It was the first ornament I hung in that tree.

    Eroswings: I love that bird, plus the state bird is a cardinal/red bird, so this the color was appropriate.

    Churlita: I like your tree, too. After I finished stringing the lights on this one, I regretted not buying a smaller tree.

    Silver: Thank you! My favorite ornament isn’t on here, actually, and I’ll have to ask my mom if she has it, because it’s an elf snuggled up in bed, and I always loved placing him on a branch in the tree.

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