They’re Paging Me in My Dreams

I had a dream about work last night. There’s no hiding how sad that is, I can’t deny it. I blame it on my new manager who called me last Saturday when he and my other associate were working a bit and forgot the password to a computer program we use. So I called the guy back and told him the password. Then yesterday….mind you on my first official vacation day, he calls again and says they still can’t get into the program. Turns out they had the username wrong by one letter.

I was just grateful that they weren’t calling me to tell me there was a surprise audit on our files, because that really would’ve meant I would have to go in and make sure things were in order since I have lots of paperwork on my desk and both of my associates are still very new. But that didn’t happen.

However, this must’ve set up in my head yesterday, because I had a dream about it last night. I dreamed that I had to go into work to print out reports for my department because they didn’t know how. And every time I was ready to leave for my vacation, someone would stop me. The first time was by some corporate-looking people who asked me if I knew what I was doing. Once that was over with (and I don’t know how I got out of that one, that was vague) and I was ready to leave again, one of our graduates came by to ask me for help. She acted exactly how she does in person, showing up and acting like she owns me.

The whole dream was weird. I disentangled myself from it somehow, and when I woke up I felt relieved that I was still on vacation. I’m changing my phone numbers, though. Just in case.


10 thoughts on “They’re Paging Me in My Dreams

  1. Answering machine! Mine is set up to screen out those annoying calls from work on my days off. Your mind is just telling you what you all ready know. You deserve this vacation.

    Babybull, I do believe there are rumblings in the legal system about having employers pay those workers who are called while on vacation or after work hours; something about getting paid for essentially doing work related business calls.

  2. Manuel: Yeah, I know. But I don’t think he could’ve contacted anyone else without getting into trouble.

    Babybull: They should be banned, yes. And thank you, I am loving this vacation!

    Eroswings: I have caller ID and voicemail. I knew the information he needed, and I would’ve felt guilty for not helping him out. Besides, I hate it when I need information right away and nobody gives me an answer. But yes, I think I should be paid for my one minute of helping him out. :)

    Churlita: Yeah I do need to stop working in my sleep. Thankfully I don’t have a computer in my bedroom and I don’t normally sleepwalk.

    Laura: Yeah, seriously!

    Silver: Yes, work needs to stay at work, not get into our heads at night.

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