Welllllll shit.

Yeah, that’s right, you read what I wrote. I said shit. I did not get a solo. Found out tonight when he asked the two finalists…er…soloists to make sure their names were spelled right on the program. I will now list pros and cons of this news:

– At least I tried for those solos rather than wish I had.
– Like my mom said, I can enjoy singing in the concert without being a nervous wreck about doing a solo.
– Tonight during one of the solos, our director changed the notes of almost the entire second solo and the lady has to remember to sing it his way rather than the actual notes that are on the music. The reason I liked that one solo was because I was comfortable with it. Now he changed it. Not my problem anymore!
– I’ve tried for other solos in the past, none of which left me feeling crushed. But I’m thinking it’s a good thing I was disappointed that I wasn’t picked, rather than totally relieved.

– I was ready, people. Ready to do a solo for the first time evah.
– The woman who got the second solo was the one I’ve blogged about in the past…the nervous, constant cackler. She was laughing it up tonight and I was not in the mood to hear her right by my ear.

So that’s it for this time, but I will not go quietly into the night. There will be more solos to try for, so that’s what I can look for next. Yes, I was upset. I cried. It’s in my nature. But I didn’t cry while we were singing, I waited till later. But I’m over it…I think.


13 thoughts on “Welllllll shit.

  1. I’m still proud of you, and I think that you still did great. Your director will no doubt remember you for the future, and you’ll only get better with practice and commitment. You’re handling it quite well. You’re growing braver and have more confidence. That’s outstanding. All this is just practice; so when the moment comes, you’re ready!

  2. There will always be other times to try and you will have your shot.. we are all proud of you for trying for something different.. You have lots of moxy girl..


  3. I hate rejection. It’s really hard for me. I know you’re not supposed to, but I take it personally. I think you handled it gracefully. Everyone gets rejected, but how you deal with it, is what counts. You are a rock star in my book.

  4. Noregrets: Thank you, I certainly will! :)

    Eroswings: Thank you, and you’re right I can consider that practice!

    BabyBull: Thank you so much, Babybull! :)

    Daffy: Thanks I am glad I did at least go for it.

    Churlita: I go through the same thing about rejection. It does sting. Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate it!

  5. I think you did really well just to try out, Tara – not many people would have the guts to do it, and you totally did. I’m sure you’ll get the chance to have another go in the future, but in the meantime you’ll no doubt do sterling work as a vital member of the choir as a whole!

  6. Thank you so much, Tim! I’ve always enjoyed singing in the choir, so I’ll continue to enjoy it and keep an eye out for more solo opportunities. There’s always the Spring rehearsal in January, too.

  7. Hey! On the upside, if the cackler screws up you can then cackle. hehehe.
    Also, solos come and go, but singing is the heart’s delight. Take up wings and fly, Tara, on the spirit of song. It is one of the few forms of magic man owns and you have a gift in it!

  8. Ksra: Thank you so much! I will sing my heart out, with out without that solo. But I doubt I’ll cackle. I mean I’ve cackled in the past for stuff, but I don’t want it showing up on the concert CD. ;)

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