Christmassy Misc. Sort Of.

Do you ever forget what you’re wearing? I did yesterday on the way home from grocery shopping. I was in a train of thought about something related to clothes and I started wondering what top I was wearing. Since I had my coat on, I couldn’t just glance down to see, but my mind had to think about what was still in my closet, and I finally remembered and said out loud, “Oh yeah, my brown sweater.” I knew I was wearing jeans, boots and everything else, though. It reminded me of the times I forget my glasses are on my head, or someone asks me what I had for dinner, or what I did that weekend and I have to strain to remember as if my life is truly that wild and whirlwind.

Well my tree is up, some lights are on, but not all of the lights. I kept wanting to buy more, because I thought a string of 100 lights was enough for a standard-sized Christmas tree. The bunch I got last night should cover it, cuz I’m not going to buy more lights. The two ornaments I did hang on the tree will be joined by the rest today for sure. Oh and I had to buy a new stand for the tree, because the stand that was already on there had cracked and the tree kept collapsing as if it had consumed way too much special eggnog. I was so happy to find a bunch of artificial tree stands at the store that were reasonably priced, so I bought one, brought it home and tree and stand are now one.

I also bought a tree topper which you probably saw in the Saturday Scavenger Shot photos. No, not the chicken nugget, but the star. When I was in junior high home economics, our teacher had us make some Christmassy ornaments. I made a star stuffed with cotton, and it came out a little uneven. A classmate teased me about it, but to hell with him. My mom loved it and still has that star to this day. Who ever said stars should be symmetrically balanced has never seen a star shining in the sky. Hmmph. So there.

Oh, now see? I totally forgot about my wild, whirlwind appointment with my dentist. I had a 7:30am appointment on Saturday. So while I was still half asleep, I sat down in the chair while the hygienist scraped and picked at my teeth while we babbled (mostly her, because I couldn’t speak with her fingers in my mouth) about the stupid characters on the soap opera “Young and the Restless”. Just as I suspected, nobody has changed since I stopped watching that show.

My dentist came in later and while he was examining my teeth, asked what I had planned for the weekend. I told him I was going to help my mom put up her Christmas tree, and that we didn’t know how it was going to go since it’s new and she hasn’t looked at it yet. He said, “I was speaking to a woman the other day who just bought a new tree. Hasn’t put it up yet.” That lady sounded familiar, so I said, “That was probably my mom. She has you as a dentist too.”

A vague look swept over his face. “She does?”
“What’s the last name?”
So I said it and not even half way through my last name he recognized it. “Oh yeah! Well I’ll be damned! See I never pay attention to that stuff, that never dawned on me!”

So anyway, yes, my mom’s tree is up now and mine still needs attention. But this is the beginning of my vacation, so I have lots o’time. But I will be doing it today and I’ll take a photo of it when I’m done.

How was your weekend?


7 thoughts on “Christmassy Misc. Sort Of.

  1. Hey, I just bought a tree, too! Well, glad you got your teeth cleaned and you’re about done decorating the tree. I always looked forward to cooking days when it came to my friends in home ec. They cooked up some great food that we got to eat! I always thought about signing up for home ec just for the free food, but I couldn’t give up art as an elective all through high school.

  2. Churlita: Yeah, that’s true and he’s funny, too.

    Laura B: I’m totally posting up my Christmas tree photos today!

    Eroswings: Decorating the tree was awesome. A friend sent me a mixed CD and I listened to that while decorating.

    BabyBull: Yeah! It was funny to hear him bring up my mom and I just had a feeling he was talking about her when he mentioned the lady who just bought a tree.

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