Saturday (Sunday) Scavenger Shots: Merry

Yikes, I’m late again, sorry about that! This week’s word was chosen quite well by BabyBull of “Northern Sky Chronicles”. She chose “merry”.


Here we have Skittles who I wanted to look festive by putting my new tree topper on her head for a photo. She doesn’t look very merry in that shot, though. Wasn’t crazy about the star on her head.


You know that phrase, “Eat, drink and be merry”? Well this is me eating a chicken nugget and being merry about it. I had some club soda nearby so I could drink too. I meant to take a photo of myself when I was eating dinner last night, but I was hungry and before I remembered I had to take a photo, I was done eating. I was still merry, though.

Anyway, there’s my photos! Stay tuned for next week’s word!


8 thoughts on “Saturday (Sunday) Scavenger Shots: Merry

  1. Chicken Nuggets are okay once in awhile.. I wonder if there is a weird recipe out there for you to do another taste (chicken nuggets) test.. That was a pretty “Merry” post..thanks for playing..

  2. Laura B: Thank you! I had a merry old time eating McDonald’s. :)

    Eroswings: They were very good. Course later I felt I had to exercise it all off, so I hopped on my exercise bike for a bit.

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