Taste Test #3 – from the movie “Elf”

Okay friendly neighborhood blogsters! Here is the video of another taste test. I based this one on something from a holiday movie. The movie is “Elf”. In one scene when Buddy the elf finds his dad in New York and dines with him and his family, they’re all eating spaghetti. Since Buddy is an elf from the North Pole, their diet was all candy-related foods and lots of sugar. So he just so happens to have maple syrup up his sleeve and drivels some of it on top of his spaghetti and eats it. He later has some for breakfast and puts all sorts of other sweet stuff on it including broken up Pop Tarts.

I didn’t go down the Pop Tart route, but I did prepare a small plate of spaghetti and tried it with maple syrup. In the beginning of the video, I messed up and said that I put A1 sauce on the spaghetti, but that is not true. Maple syrup, gang.


11 thoughts on “Taste Test #3 – from the movie “Elf”

  1. You are so cute.. Good to know that mixture isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.. So I suppose I won’t be trying it anytime soon.. I wonder though how Will Ferrell did it without gagging..

  2. Tara, your facial expressions when you tasted that…both times…was priceless! It was like – this is so, so wrong. haha! Thanks for doing it so that the rest of us don’t have too. You deserve a medal of valor ;-)

  3. Pure Evyl: Lol…Um thanks. It did taste bad, though.

    BabyBull: Aw thanks! Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend that dish. Spaghetti yes, but maple syrup drizzled on top, no.

    Silver: Nah, I wouldn’t advise it. :)

    Abroad: Thanks! :D I found out there were others on YouTube who tried the combination and it still looks gross.

    Laura B: Thank you! I think that if it tasted good to me, it would make me worry. :)

  4. Churlita: I do suffer for my bloggers, don’t I? Hehe. Thank you, I’m glad you liked the vid!

    Eroswings: Thank you! Onto other weird taste tests. I need to get my hands on some Vegemite.

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