Got Nuthin Right Now

I’ve been slackin’ with blog posts, I know. Just can’t think of anything to blog about, but I’ll see what I can do with this post…

I’m very glad I got my flu shot this year, as I keep hearing reports of people getting slammed by a bug that’s going around. If I get any colds this season, please let them come after the choir concert, not before or during.

Speaking of the concert, it’s going to be held not this coming Sunday but next Sunday the 21 st.  Only two more rehearsals left.

I did laundry today. Now isn’t that fascinating news?

Two more days and then I’m off on my vacation. I’ll have a whole week off plus the next Monday. I will not be going anywhere exotic (unless you count the mall as exotic), just gonna finish decorating (especially my tree which only has two ornaments on it), shopping a little more, cleaning and possibly catching some movies at the theater.

First things first, though. To start off the vacation, I have a 7:30 am dentist appointment on Saturday. Woo hoo! Just a standard checkup and then it’ll be out of the way.

Um, whatelse…Actually, that’s all I’ve got for now. G’night!


10 thoughts on “Got Nuthin Right Now

  1. Your life is just full of excitement. It sounds like my life, a thrill a minute. By the way, you may want to look at the date that you put down for the Christmas concert.

  2. AlienCG: Good catch, thank you! All fixed.

    Melissa: Thanks! Yes, I’m looking forward to it.

    NJ: Yes, I think they still have the sled run! Just down the street from me. Right now we don’t have a flake of snow, though. It was 50 the other day!

    Suze: Thank ya! I was wondering about that movie, looks like something to see for a laugh!

  3. Churlita: I do have a few plans, but yeah the main focus is to relax. But although I usually plan on sleeping in everyday, my internal alarm wakes me up early.

    Manuel: You should! They’re fun. Okay fun might not be the right word. But they are effective.

    Laura B.: Breathing is very underrated, you should do that several times a day. :) And thank you! I plan to make the most of my vacation.

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