Well hell, I’m just gonna get down to brass tacks here. Thumb tacks, even. Tic Tacs, even better! Ready for this?

I tried out for a solo tonight! Woot! Technically there were two parts I tried for, but he ran them both together. One of the songs we sing caught my attention, because there are two soprano solos in them. A few women had been singing that part for the past couple weeks, but then tonight he announced that, if anyone else wanted to try the solos, we could stay afterwards. I started thinking…”Hey, why not?”

Course, once I had decided to stay behind, I was starting to get nervous half-way through regular choir rehearsal. But then I was deep into the decision. If I didn’t try for it, I would kick myself later.

When choir ended, he had the smaller, chamber choir practice a few numbers for about ten minutes. Then he called up anyone who wanted to try for the solos. There were three of us trying. One woman told me, “I need more time…” Then our director stepped up and asked cheerfully, “Okay, who’s first?” None of us spoke up right away, but then I shrugged and volunteered. I wasn’t sure how I’d sound, I haven’t tried for a solo since college. But the pianist played my first note and I was off, singing loud and clear. He had me sing the first solo again and also sing the chorus part too, which I may have rushed. All I can say is, I wouldn’t count myself out of the race.

The two other women sang, one of them had tried the part before and she has a really pretty voice. I heard him ask her, if she had a choice, which solo would she sing. So she might be in for one of those solos. I don’t think he made a final decision, though. He thanked us and we left.

Whether he picks me for a solo this time or not, I don’t care  (although, if he does nominate me, you’ll most certainly know). I am still flying high from it!


17 thoughts on “Woooooooot!!

  1. Bravo! Congratulations on taking a chance and doing something fun! I applaud your bravery! You’re absolutely right; it doesn’t matter if you get the solo or not. The important thing is that you went for it. I’m so happy for you. You took action!

  2. I came to your blog from Dmarks blog, anyway, congrats to you for doing this. I used to be in my church’s choir, and I know the guts it takes to try out for a solo! Hey….we both live in Ohio, I’m around the Dayton area. Talk about a small world….

  3. Eroswings: Thank you! :) I would’ve been totally regretting it if I hadn’t tried.

    BabyBull: Thank you, too! Yup, cross those fingers for me!

    Melissa: Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting! It’s always nice to meet a fellow Ohioan on here! Also thank you for the compliment – hopefully this adventure will give me courage to try out for more solos in that choir!

    AlienCG: Thank you! It’s both, you can cast a vote to see a fight to the death. We choir singers can be brutal.

  4. congratulations! The rush and excitment you’re feeling now are rewards in themselves, aren’t they? I’m sure you did great and as a director I can tell you it is GREAT to know of other members in the choir who are WILLING to try a solo. So even if this isn’t your time, I’m sure the director will be thinking of you as the next repertoire is picked.

  5. Jinbish: Hi there! Thank you very much for the support! If I’m chosen, I will do my best.

    NoRegrets: Oh man, I know I wouldn’t have had the guts at age 9 to try out for a solo. Yes, it is the trying that counts. I can now say I went for it! Thank you!

    Churlita: Thank you! Unless I’m with other people, I have a hard time getting up on stage too. I’m thankful that the parts we tried for are pretty small so if I do get it, it’ll be a nice stepping stone.

    Laura B: Thank you! :)

    Notfainthearted: Yes, that rush was all I needed! I didn’t know you were a director! I never thought of what our director thinks of people who try out for solos, but he did thank us for coming in.

    Tim: Thank you, Tim!

    Manuel: Thank you!

    Suze: And toes? Wow, thank you! :)

  6. You stepped up to the plate though! Well done and I am sure you will have charmed him with your voice and your bravery. Let’s face it, it’s ok singing a pretty tune but no good if we are too scared to sing infront of an audience of more than the bathroom cabinet and the shower curtain! :o)
    Good for you! I have a good feeling about this! :o)

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