The Vulcan Face-Melt Acne Treatment

I’m 34 years old and still have acne problems. I’m taking a med for it, but also decided to try something topical that was over the counter. Good stuff, it dries the hell out of any acne that’s even thinking of making me look like a mythological creature. However, it also dries the hell out of my face. It’s the old face-melting acne treatment. If I’m just a walking skull (I giggle now at a Mystery Science Theater episode where they make fun of a movie called “The Screaming Skull”), I won’t have acne, now will I? Who needs skin? It’s for amateurs.

Yesterday I looked like I had spent all day lying underneath the blazing, Arizona sun. And yet I’m in Ohio and sadly haven’t visited Arizona in quite awhile. So I took a break from the stuff and was told that Milk of Magnesia helps treat acne too. And pure lemon juice can be used for an astringent. Oh and eating two spoonfuls of honey before going to bed is supposed to help burn fat while I sleep! Didn’t know that! Well I weighed 144 when I went to bed last night, and in the morning I weighed 143! Hm! Anyway, my face feels and looks less sunburned today, I’ll have you know. That’s all for now.

Now I have something to relate to with a coworker. We both battle with our acne, although she’s 19 and I’m well past my prime for this freaking skin condition. They say stress is a key factor in blemishes. Where do I go to get away from stress? Oh yeah, I’ll join a monastery.


18 thoughts on “The Vulcan Face-Melt Acne Treatment

  1. I used to get zits, but now I just have dry skin. That sounds like a great acne treatment, use it before bed and melt off your face by morning. Use it on the bare skull, it might bleach it out completely.

  2. before you know it.. someone will come out with a face cream made from I have some stuff that works, but it dries out my skin.. So I use Aveeno 24 hours of moisturizing..

  3. Whenever I feel the occasional zit coming up, I dab on a little bit of regular, white toothpaste exactly on the bugger. Leave it on for about 10 to 20 minutes. Then wash it off. Toothpaste dries it out. If I catch it early enough, it’ll disappear the next day. Otherwise, it just shrinks, becoming less noticeable the next day til it falls off all sooner or later.

  4. ‘none’ offers good advise on the topic!

    Also, I would add that digestion is frequently the cause of acne. have you ever tried taking some enzymes? I had adult acne for a whole summer and nothing topical worked. I started taking enzymes and the results were dramatic. Not too expensive if you want to test the theory some time. Just get a good enzyme blend or probiotics.

  5. I get zits every now and then. One time my doctor gave me a prescription for Retin A. When I went to get it filled at the pharmacy the clerk said “insurance doesn’t cover this when you’re over 35”. First of all, I wanted to slap her for saying that without even looking at my birth date. Second of all – well there was no second of all :)

  6. Poor Tara! Sometimes I do think the natural remedies have something to them and are certainly less expensive and invasive.
    As for joining a monastary…maybe take a wait and see on that. I might join you though. haha!

  7. AlienCG: I think my bare skull will help my cheek bones stand out.

    Silvermerotic: Yeah, I had that pattern too for awhile. Just once a month. But now it’s getting ridiculous. Blackheads are so tough to get rid of.

    Babybull: Mm mayo. Yeah, it is only a matter of time! I finally bought myself some moisturizing lotion the other day that has some aloe and eucalyptus in it.

    Mark: I was a little scared of the Proactive stuff, and wasn’t sure about the alternative, over-the-counter stuff. But some of it is not bad.

    Eroswings: I’ve heard of using toothpaste to treat acne! Just wasn’t patient enough to try it.

    Churlita: I’ll try to remember that…so next year and the years after I should be bothered less by the stuff, right? ;)

    none: I will try that next time – although putting the stuff on at night is good, because I’m closing my eyes while I sleep. Maybe that’s why my face hasn’t melted off completely.

    k_sra: I have heard that acne can be caused by internal stuff, and I’ve been forcing green tea into my life – not crazy about the taste – What sort of foods have enzymes in them? Or is it just easier to take some enzyme pills?

    Suze: My doctor told me that the main thing that can help get rid of acne scars is Retinol, but did warn me that it wasn’t covered by insurance. Didn’t mention the age issue, though. He knows better, there were sharp instruments nearby. ;)

    Laura b.: I’ll wait on the monastery thing, but if I change my mind I’ll invite you along!

  8. Nicotine: Yeah, that would be a great, scary costume! My mom, who is 74, still gets a blemish now and then. So I guess pimples don’t care that we’re no longer teenagers.

    NoRegrets: Glad you’re back!

    Manuel: It is definitely frustrating, yes.

    Arthur: I just looked up that movie – I’ll have to rent it!

  9. Tara, all fresh veggies have enzymes (just google naturally occuring enzymes). Otherwise, a small bottle of them from the local drug store does the trick just fine in helping your body digest the food more properly.

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