The Days of December 2008!

Peering Into December

Peering Into December

December is here! Yay! Thank you for the holiday ideas, everyone! You did an amazing job – well you always do!

1. Summer Memorial Day
2. Interrupt Your Cat’s Nap Day
3. UN International Day of Disabled persons
4. Christmakwanzikah
5. Donate to Charity Day
6. Eggnog Festival
7. Share an Unhappy Holiday Memory
8. National Brownie Day – Eat a Brownie
9. National Pastry Day – Eat Some Pastry
10. Send an Animated Christmas Card Day
11. Share a Happy Holiday Memory
12. “Ohhhh, the Weather Outside is Frightful” Day (Blog about an experience you had with bad weather around the holidays)
13. National Ice Cream Day – Eat Ice Cream
14.”You Really Shouldn’t Have” Day (Blog about a gift you received that wasn’t you or you re-gifted)
15. Tara Starts Her Week O’Vacation! Yay!
16. Cookie Day
17. Festival Of Lights Day (String Up Christmas Lights)
18. Solipsist’s Birthday
19. Wacky Present Day (Give a Wacky Gift to Someone You Know)
20. Celebrate Hibernation
21. Winter Solstice – Party all night til the sun comes up!/Hanukkah Begins at Sunset
22. Tell Us What You Really Want for Christmas/Hanukkah
23. Winter Wonderland Appreciation Day
24. The Night Before Christmas Day
25. Merry Christmas One and All and All and One!!
26. Boxing Day Extravaganza/Kwanzaa
27. Regress to Your Youth Day
28. 10 Things I Hate About Winter Day
29. Write Your New Year’s Resolutions Day
30. Send “Thank You” Cards to Everyone Who Gave You a Present Day
31. Give Yourself a Pedicure Day

Other Monthly Observances for December

Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month (US National)
GERD Awareness Week (Gastroesophageal Reflux disease)
Hi Neighbor Month
Safe Toys and Gifts Month
Prevent Blindness America
Stress Free Family Holiday Month (US National)
Read A New Book Month

7 thoughts on “The Days of December 2008!

  1. Pure Evyl: Hi, thanks for visiting my blog!

    Laura B: Not just any food, either. Good stuff like brownies and cookies!

    Churlita: Oh yeah, I think I’ll be celebrating that one too.

    Tim: You just gave me an idea for a theme for January’s calendar! Like…stair master day or elliptical appreciation day.

    Dmarks: It should be, shouldn’t it?

  2. I can’t believe I missed Summer Memorial Day! Today would have been appropriate since we reached a scorching 45 degrees here in Cleveland!

    Also, I am waiting patiently for Brownie Eating Day. *drums fingers on table*

    Also also, I am planning what wacky gift I can give Tara on the 19th. SO many choices!!! : )

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