(Belated) Saturday Scavenger Shots: Gratitude

Hey, sorry this is late. Just had a few days there where I did not feel like posting anything. Blogger’s Block perhaps? Oh well.

Gratitude was the word for this week, and it was chosen by Ms. Ksra. There is such an abundance of things out there that I’m grateful for, but putting my finger on just one or two things was actually challenging.


These photos are of my mom and dad. I know I posted these awhile back for another Scavenger Shot word, but pretend you haven’t seen them yet. There just aren’t that many photos anymore of my mom and dad posing together, unless I bug my mom to go through the box of photos she has at her place. Besides, I like these photos.

Anyway, every now and then it hits me how lucky I am to be the daughter of those two, wonderful people. I could’ve been born into a nasty, abusive, neglectful family. It happens to way too many kids everyday. But nope, I am grateful that I was born into the family that nurtured, sheltered, fed and raised me into who I am today. Quite frankly, people, I could be much scarier. To express every ounce of gratitude that I feel towards my family would probably be an overdose.


Speaking of overdose, I’m also grateful that we could overdose on food like this for Thanksgiving. We showed our gratitude towards my mom for preparing all of this food, by clearing the table and assisting in the ultimate clean up of the kitchen after we ate.


Here is a candid (sort of) photo of one of my brothers and his family last Thursday. My brother and one of my nephews saw the camera comin’ and posed. Once the flash went off, my other nephew gave me a “You are such a dork” look and simply asked, “Why?” My response was, “Why not?” Anyway, my brothers and their families are funny and they make me laugh. That’s another reason I’m grateful for my family. Always a source of amusement!

So I think I tore into that word enough for today! Onward to the next word!

8 thoughts on “(Belated) Saturday Scavenger Shots: Gratitude

  1. Those are great pics! I luv the candid one! You’re right. You do have so many great things and wonderful people in your life. And I’m sure your family is thankful for you, too–just like we, your blog friends, are grateful for having you!

  2. Eroswings: Aww thank you!

    AlienCG: Thank you, that dinner was good. So were the leftovers!

    Laura B: Thank you!

    Churlita: I had lost some posting steam too – I almost didn’t post anything, but thankfully I had some family photos to share from Turkey Day.

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