December is Comin’ Round

Since this coming week is the very last week of November, I thought I’d start asking for December holiday ideas now. Any crazy, funny days you’re thinking of, any birthdays, anniversaries etc..etc…Just let me know!

Here are a few photos to inspire you:


This is the house I grew up and lived in for 19 years. I loved that house, even with all its imperfections. If you want to read about it, here’s the post I wrote awhile back. At the time, I couldn’t find the photo.


Here’s a recent photo of Skittles taking a nap on my desk chair. I sat on a less comfortable, dining room chair so that I wouldn’t disturb her while she slept. But then of course taking photos of her probably interrupted her nap too. Oh well.


12 thoughts on “December is Comin’ Round

  1. That is a very pretty house.. and of course Skittles is sooo cute.. I wish I could sleep like that..

    Solipsist’s Birthday on December 18th

    Wacky Present Day (give a wacky gift to someone you know)

    Festival Of Lights Day (String Up Christmas Lights)

    The Night Before Christmas Day

    Boxing Day Extravaganza…

  2. Oh, I really like your house! It looks like a perfect family home to me. And you are the nicest cat mom ever :-) Who would want to disturb that big ball of fluff?
    Lets see…ideas….

    Share a happy holiday memory
    Share an unhappy holiday memory
    Celebrate hibernation
    Tell what you really want for Christmas / Hanukkah, no matter how unrealistic it is!

  3. The old house looks grand and cozy, beautiful with the stoop and porch!

    8 Dec is National Brownie Day–eat a brownie
    9 Dec is National Pastry Day–eat a pastry
    13 Dec is National Ice Cream Day–eat ice cream
    21 Dec is the Winter Solstice–party all night til the sun comes up!

    Luv the pic of Skittles sleeping and the story of how you don’t want to disturb Skittles. Reminds me of the story of how the Prophet Mohamed cut off his sleeve rather than wake the kitty that fell asleep on it.

  4. Babybull: Thanks, I thought it was a pretty house too. Sometimes it seemed like a mansion. I wish I could sleep like Skittles too.

    Thank you for the holidays, these are perfect! And of course we’ll celebrate Solipsist’s birthday!

    Churlita: Thank you! At the moment I can relate to the bad weather around the holidays story – as we’re getting lake effect snow at the moment.

    Laura B.: Thanks LB! Skittles looked so content, I hated to relocate her to another chair.

    Great ideas for December! Thank you!

    Eroswings: We later took down that brown fence and put up a picket fence. Everything looked so pretty.

    And I love your way of thinking with the holiday ideas. Just looking at most of them made me gain 10 lbs. ;)

    Suze: There really isn’t a good spot for me to nap like Skittles in my office. Otherwise, though…totally.

    T-Bird: Skittles thanks both you and Peecat for your sentiments! She’s resting at the moment though….Again.

  5. Interrupt Your Cat’s Nap Day (so you can sit in the comfortable chair) [some of us are so cold hearted! :P]

    Send an Animated Christmas Card Day
    Write your New Year’s Resolutions Day
    Eggnog Festival
    Cookie Day
    Winter Wonderland Appreciation Day
    Summer Memorial Day

  6. Fen: Hi! Yes, they definitely do have us trained!

    Ksra: It’s bad enough that I canceled her plans to drink out of the bathroom sink this morning. Kicking her off the chair will have to wait another day. :D

    I like your holiday ideas, thank you!

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