Here are some things you should know for today:

– When I went grocery shopping this Saturday, and passed by the meat department, I heard this:

  • Older Man: “You’re (such-n-such) years old, you should know what the f*ck you’re talkin ab…”
  • Older Woman: “Testimony!” (at least I thought she said that, but that doesn’t make much sense – I just remember that she didn’t scream back at him for swearing at her, and just concentrated on buying meat.)

– Last night I turned off my TV and baked something for the hell of it while listening to my ITunes. Only in my collection can I have a choir song get followed by Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl”.

– My dishwasher is broken (again), and it decides to break when I have lots of dishes in there. So another thing I did last night was wash dishes the old school way and sing along to the ITunes. Then the rhythm got to me and I had to dance.

– I had to work yesterday, and had a funny moment. To explain it all would be a long story, so I’ll give you the basics. I was instructing a student on how to do something on the computer in a computer lab. More students filed in and I thought they belonged to the same class, so I started giving them instruction too. I basically had ten guys give me blank, but amused looks. Synchronized. The student I was dealing with said quietly, “I don’t think they’re in the same program.” Then I announced to the blank stares, “Oh..Are any of you from (such n such) program?” (Cricket, cricket…silence..then a few snickers). “Okay! Nevermind!” I laughed, they laughed – there was peace in the universe.

– For the longest time up till about six years ago, I said “Squat” Team without realizing it was SWAT Team. My mom finally corrected me when I was telling her I was afraid that the Squat Team was going to come after me when I was working at an office and I forgot the password for the alarm.


7 thoughts on “Miscellaneous

  1. haha! The universe is being good to you :-) Well, maybe the dishwasher breaking down isn’t so great, but it did lead to music and dance!

    I think I am going to call SWAT Squat from now on. It is just better.

  2. BabyBull: Yeah, all I could think of was the exercise in gym called squat thrusts.

    Churlita: I love my dishwasher, but I did find that it is kind of relaxing to wash the dishes by hand now and then. Except on Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other big meal. That’s when the dishwasher is a true blessing.

    Laura B: SQUAT starting Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Farrell

    Ksra: I baked that pizza I made for your bachelorette party, actually! I only had to bake the crust and the rest was even easier than that. I feel healthy when I eat that pizza, although I know that the crust is bad for me as well as the cream cheese/sour cream spread. But a piece or two for a lunch or dinner won’t hurt, right?

  3. That is too funny about the choir song followed by Hollaback Girl! At least the music kept you in good spirits as you hand washed your dishes. My dishwasher is an old model that makes a lot of noise and takes a lot of time to wash! I find the dishes are a lot cleaner and get done faster when I do them by hand.

    That’s also funny about squat team and the misunderstanding in computer lab! Still, you made everyone’s day by having a good laugh.

    When I started college, I didn’t know that pickles come from cucumbers. I honestly thought there was a pickle plant! I found out the truth during a volunteer gig with small children. We were discussing foods and a 7 year old said pickles come from cucumbers. And when the other volunteer said, “That’s right,” I was like, “Huh?” I looked it up when I got home and learned how wrong I was all these years!

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