Saturday Scavenger Shots: Lacuna

Good morning! This week’s word was brought to us by the intriguing Ksra of “You Learn Something New (Almost) Everyday”. The word she chose? “Lacuna”. It was challenging, there are a few different definitions for the word. But alas, I found some stuff to post!


One definition of lacuna is “a blank space or a missing part : gap”. Here is a gap..or lacuna in the trunk of a tree.


Following along with that same definition, here are a few lacunae in this section of algae on Coe Lake in Berea, Ohio.

Lacuna Coil

Lacuna Coil

Finally, I have a bit of a cheat photo, because I did not take this. But while looking up the definition for lacuna, I found out that there’s an Italian hard rock metal band called Lacuna Coil. That is the band right there.

That concludes my show-and-tell of the Saturday Scavenger Shot theme, “lacuna”! Thank you, Ksra, for bringing us a very interesting word!


15 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Lacuna

  1. Wow. A jeopardy word! And great fotos to match. I almost expect some woodland critter to crawl out of that tree lacuna!

    I’m so glad you pointed out that last pic was of an Italian heavy metal band; I think they have a lacuna in their stylist department–seriously, what’s up with the Matrix meets bad plaid get ups?

  2. Suze: Oh yeah, sometimes there’s a lacuna between my ears too. Happy Saturday to you too! Have an awesome Sunday as well!

    Eroswings: Yeah, or a woodland nymph or something. Maybe Frodo.

    A plaid Matrix – “the mind’s visualization of your digital self”, isn’t that what Morpheus said? Something like that. That girl looks like Amy Winehouse, doesn’t she?

    Laura B: Thanks! I liked your photo too. Yeah that algae was waiting for a photo. My brother made fun of me for taking photos of stuff like that. He just doesn’t appreciate art. ;)

    Babybull: I didn’t even know there was the word “lacuna” out there, but now that I know, I’m not surprised someone caught onto it and named their band after it.

    Noregrets: Yeah, I should’ve posted one of their songs, I wonder how they sound?

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