I Warn You, I’m Armed

….with the flu vaccination that is! Had you scared there for a moment, I’m sure! Yes, so this morning I had a doctor’s appointment. My main reason to go in there was to see if I could get my acne meds reordered. I was the first person to arrive that day. The nurse asked me if I was interested in getting a flu shot, and since I’m not interested in getting all sick and crumby this season, I signed up for it. They gave me one either last year or the year before…can’t remember. But that one worked well too. Anyway, another patient came in and took a seat and then proceeded to tell me…a stranger….what was wrong with his room mate who was, as he phrased it, “worshiping to the porcelain gods” this morning. He said he tried to talk her into coming with him to the doctor’s office, but she did not. He told me also that he already received a flu shot. Thankfully, the nurse came in at that moment and called my name. So the stranger and I said our good-byes and I went in to be weighed and get the party started.

I don’t remember if I ever screamed as a kid when I’d get shots – I do remember getting a “booster” shot, and scrunching up my face to prepare for enormous pain which didn’t turn out even half as bad. A mechanical noise went off somewhere in the office when the doctor gave me my booster shot, and I think that for awhile I thought all shots sounded like that when they were administered. Well zoom back to present day – the nurse gave me my shot and I barely felt it. Good times! I know that the next day might leave my arm feeling a bit tender. No big deal.

That doctor’s visit was the quickest one I’ve ever had, I think. Usually I have to wait for the doctor for the longest time, but this time I didn’t – we talked, he did his doctor thing, we talked some more, I got the shot and that was it! Gone in 30 minutes.


10 thoughts on “I Warn You, I’m Armed

  1. BabyBull: Yeah, it was nice to be out so quickly!
    I’ll have to find out about Mr. Manuel! Did not know that!

    Abroad: I think I had a brief cold or two, but I don’t remember getting sick from that shot at all.

  2. Glad to hear you got your shot and you didn’t have a long wait! Why is it some strangers feel like it’s okay to share their personal information (and embarrassing info on friends) with other strangers?

    I hated getting shots. The worst were the ones they gave in the butt! I remember when I was a kid and they gave me a shot in the butt; The nurse was like, “Try to to relax, it’ll hurt less.”

    I was thinking, ‘Relax? You’re trying to stab me in the a$$! How am I supposed to be relaxed about that!?!’

  3. Dmarks: Thank you so much for the award!

    Eroswings: My mom has that happen to her too – strangers will start talking to her about their problems. No big deal, really. It makes for good blogging material. Hehe.

    Notfainthearted: No problem! Vacations should be spent relaxing and having fun. Not getting sick. So yes, get one of those flu shots!

    Churlita: I think it’s worth it too.

    Laura B.: It was definitely time well spent at the doctor’s office! Not something that can usually be said.

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