You Had to Be There

Choir is still going strong. Our director even added yet another song to our already long list of tunes, so we have a total of thirteen. I’m guessing he might take away one, but who knows what’ll happen. This isn’t counting the songs our chamber choir will be singing! It’s gonna be a cool concert. Keep your fingers crossed that the weather isn’t horrible at that time. Course it was last December and people still showed up. It was a very good, warm and fuzzy memory.

On Monday night our director was in a goofy, fun mood. He announced to us that we’d run through almost all of our songs that night without stopping. We all burst into laughter, because he’s said that before. He’s very particular and stops us lots of times during each song. It’s a bit tiring at times, but it’s good for us if we want to wow people at the concert. Anyway, he laughed at his own punchline too. Sure enough, he did stop us during the first song we sang.

Then there was a song where the last word the guys sing is “time”. They should’ve waited to pronounce the “m” until the last beat, but instead they wound up using the “m” too soon so they all sounded like they were humming. Our director went into a laugh attack because of this, and told them to change it and then imitated how they sounded. Then the laughter became contagious and it took a bit for us to settle down again. I know what some of you are thinking, “Um, I guess you had to be there..” Well that’s probably true.

Later on in the practice, he reminded us that we’d skip the practice the Monday before Thanksgiving, but he messed up on the date and then said, “Sorry, it’s been a long day.” I’m thinking that’s why many of us, including our director, laughed so hard at the simplest things that night. I could go for more of that goofiness, though.


This is the basketball hoop at the elementary school I went to when I was a kid. Neither the hoop or the outline of the United States was there when I was attending. But once upon a time during one winter day, I had one of my first senior moments. My friend called me up the day before and asked if I wanted to have lunch with her. I thought she invited me to her place, since she lived a couple houses down from the school. So I waited for her and her mom to pick me up. There I was outside, climbing on snow drifts and spent the whole lunch period waiting for them. They didn’t show up. Know why? She wasn’t asking me to go to her place, she just asked if I wanted to eat with her in the cafeteria. Funny thing is, I remember asking her the night before what we’d be having for lunch, and she sounded like she was reading the menu off – sounded a lot like the menu at the school cafeteria. Anyway, I was in first grade then. My mom was called and she comforted me and took me home for a late lunch. When my poor friend was confronted (not yelled at), she looked completely confused. Not sure if I told you that story before, but there you have it.


6 thoughts on “You Had to Be There

  1. Choir, wow, that’s awesome. I wish I could sing.

    I bet even when a choir breaks down into a fit of contagious laughter – it still sounds really terrific.

    Your story reminds me of a story. When I was in junior high, I accidentally went to school on a holiday. (It wasn’t Christmas or any of the obvious ones.) I lived right across the street from the school – going to school was the most automatic thing. Well, a couple of my friends started betting on whether I’d show up at school on future holidays. Embarrassing.

  2. You guys are a bunch of crazy choir gang lol.. I’m glad you are able to enjoy yourself and not take it all too serious..

    your childhood story is cute.. being in Grade 1 that is understandable….

  3. Churlita: My mom still feels bad for me to this day, but everything was all sorted out back then. Just one of those confusing times. I don’t remember being too panicked until the break time was down to a half hour, then I started getting mad at my friend.

    Laura B: It is a lot of fun, I really like our director.

    Bobby: Wow, good story! I don’t think I’ve ever shown up on a day school was closed, but I did lose track of our vacation days once and thought I had to go to school the next day when I actually had one more week of for Christmas. Thankfully my mom reminded me beforehand.

    BabyBull: Yeah, grade 1 had it’s weird times.

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