Tim’s (Sparky Malarkey) Birthday!

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You! Happy BIRTHDAY Dear Tim of “Sparky Malarkey”, Happy Birthday to Youuuuuu!!

Duff Goldman

Cake Created by: Duff Goldman

Since Tim is a devoted Star Trek fan, I thought I’d look for something with that theme this year. Didn’t have to look far! This one definitely caught my attention. The creator is Duff Goldman, from the show “Ace of Cakes” on “The Food Network”.

Happy Birthday, Tim!


9 thoughts on “Tim’s (Sparky Malarkey) Birthday!

  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone, and for Tara for making my birthday one of this month’s featured days! Holy crap that cake looks awesome! Although in this instance I don’t think I could bring myself to slam my face into it … Maybe I could play the part of a malevolent alien parasite nibbling away at the hull of the Enterprise?!

  2. Babybull: I have never seen that show “Ace of Cakes”. It sounds like something I’d get addicted to, though!

    Churlita: That cake just had to be posted for Tim’s day.

    AlienCG: Glad I found it! Google magic! Never knew about Duff Goldman until this morning while searching for the cake. Never even heard of “Ace of Cakes”, either! I should watch that show.

    Laura B.: I don’t think I’d want to cut into that cake either, come to think of it. There’s so much work put into it.

    Jedi Master Daryl: Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! Come back often! Yeah, Captain Kirk does look pensive, doesn’t he?

    IDV: If that’s what he’ll have to do, then there’s no stopping him. It is his birthday. Just as long as he doesn’t slam his face into the computer screen.

    Tim: Happy Birthday again! Yes, I think you could get away with being a giant, malevolent alien who endangers the Enterprise by slowly eating away at the ship. Either Bones, Spock or Chekov will figure out how to rebuild.

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