Saturday Scavenger Shots: Water

I was chosen by Churlita to pick this week’s theme, so I chose “water”. Let’s dive right in, shall we?


I used to have a huge fear of water. That little kid in the photo with the face all twisted into disgust…or fear…was me. I don’t remember how long I was afraid of water, but I’m guessing I didn’t like it at that age. I also hated, HATED when my mom would rinse my newly shampooed hair by carefully pouring water over my head. I didn’t mind being in the bath, I just didn’t like water being poured over my head. At least once, I freaked out and jumped out of the tub and ran into my room.  My poor parents. I gave them a generous share of frightening moments. Anyway, I was afraid of water for the longest time.


At a later age, I had a fascination with water, but I still couldn’t swim. Here’s me and a friend of mine playing in the waters of Lake Erie. I’m the one in the purplish raincoat. According to the expression on my face, the water must’ve been hilarious. Something was, at least.

water2Sitting in a whirpool in Tuscon, Arizona – First plane trip I ever took, I believe! We stayed in an apartment which one of my brothers rented out for us for a few days and I was thrilled that there was both a pool and a hottub. Can’t remember how old I was back then, but I was young. Probably twelve or thirteen.

learning-to-swimFinally was brave enough to take swimming lessons when I was nineteen at the Lakewood Park swimming pool in Lakewood, Ohio. Learned to swim and dive. It was a good Summer fo’ sho’.


Finally, how does one apply her swimming skills to everyday life? She along with some of her friends jump in the pool of a hotel during a bachelorette party. Cuz we’re wild and unleashed.

I could post so many other water photos, but I thought I’d go with an inner theme this time. Now for the next chooser….I choose Ksra of “You Learn Something New (Almost) Everyday”! You’re it, Ksra!

11 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Water

  1. My youngest son went through a water fear stage too…and none of them particularly liked the hair washing :-)

    Those are great photos, Tara! It is cool being able to see your watery progression through life. I especially love your wild and crazy bachelorette party girl side!

    Can’t wait to see what K_sra chooses for next week!

  2. It’s great seeing the progression of you and water. My son shared your fear of water, but he was most particular about putting his head in – to include the attempts at rinsing out shampoo.

    When he was six and we were going on a cruise, I insisted he learn and finally tried it with goggles on. We’ve never looked back, although he is addicted to his goggles. It wasn’t too long ago that he was running through the sprinkler with goggles on!

  3. Great pics! That’s so cool you overcame the water fear and plunged right in!

    I was actually the opposite. I luved the water; and I enjoyed the beach. Then I saw the movie Jaws, and for years afterward, I refused to go into the deep end of the pool! Why I thought a shark would be in swimming pool, I’ve no idea. It’s a good thing I’m over that! But I still refuse to swim by myself in the deep ocean!

  4. tara, you tell a great sotry in pictures. thank you for conquering your fear of water so that you could jump in the pool fully-clothed for my bachelorette party! :)

    I finally realized I was it for next week. Please see my blog for complete details.

  5. Noregrets: My parents tried to get me swimming lessons when I was younger, but I thrashed around and panicked so much that the teachers told them not to bring me back until I got over my fear of water. But thanks, I’m glad I can swim now too! One less thing to fear.

    Laura: Took me awhile to like showers, too. Hope your kids got over the fear!

    Cricket: Thank you! :) I didn’t like putting my head in the water either – I’m thinking the water being poured over the head was a little less scary than having to go under the water entirely. I’m glad you had him learn swimming before your cruise and that he can swim now!

    Churlita: Thank you! Yes, I liked yours too. It is interested to hear about various water stories!

    Eroswings: The first part of Jaws still makes me unsettled. I hated the idea of her being pulled under and nobody was there (or at least conscious) to help her.

    Alien: Floating in the water, I found out, is pretty relaxing.

    Furtive Wangler: Thank you! I do still have the fear of driving major highways (or any size for that matter), but learning to swim and overcome my major fear of water was a big step.

    Don’t beat yourself up though, there’s always a chance to learn to swim when you’re ready!

    K_sra: Hey there! Thank you! Yeah, thought you should know ASAP that you’re the chooser for next time and you chose a great word to work on!

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