Blogging Appreciation Month

This whole month is dedicated to blogging appreciation. A blogger by the name of BabyBull, thought of this idea! Thanks BabyBull! Check out her blogs “The Northern Sky Chronicles” and “The City”.

Why do you like to blog?

I appreciate it because (these are in no particular order):

  • It’s a creative outlet where I can post up drawings, photos, posts and all sorts of other stuff. Whatever I want because it’s my blog.
  • My friend Ksra did a shout out for me on her blog when she was trying to find me after all these years after high school
  • Once she did find me she got me hooked on blogging! Thank you, Ksra! :)
  • Each month you all come up with ideas for me for the monthly calendars
  • I always look forward to the comments you leave for me on my blog!
  • I appreciate that, through blogging, I have met all of you! It may sound sappy, but it’s true.

So for the month of November, appreciate the whole blogging concept and your fellow bloggers!

Blogging Hands

Blogging Hands


7 thoughts on “Blogging Appreciation Month

  1. We all appreciate you and your blogging talents.. Thanks for the shout out.. it’s appreciated.. Blogging is fun and you meet many cool people… Yah Tara!!!!

  2. Churlita: Thank you so much! I love the photos you post and that you make your blog titles out of songs that later catch in my head. :)

    Grakki: Hey you look familiar too! How are you? I think I put the camera on timer and tucked it under my chin. All for the sake of photography.

    Laura B: Thanks Laura B! I’m so glad I found you and your blog! You rock! Especially love the two-choices game you have on there!

    BabyBull: I really appreciate you, your photos and poetry! I’m glad we “met” in the blogging world!

    Tim: You totally said it! I don’t remember how I found your blog, but I’m so glad I did. You are one interesting individual, and YOU rawk.

  3. Hooray for Blogs! I luv reading your blog. You’re always so entertaining and you do some great posts. I particularly admire your bravery and honesty. It’s true, your blog does bring in a lot of genuinely interested people.

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