Celebrate the End of the 2-Year-Long Political Campaign Season

Yay, it’s over! Many, many congratulations go out to President-elect Barack Obama!! Double yay! Plus, his kids will be getting a puppy and we won’t have to see political campaign commercials anymore…or get phone calls about who to vote for….or get those ads in the mail that, if you go to grab them at a wrong angle, you get a serious paper cut.

Did you stay up to watch the very end of the race? I did not. I was nervous that the race would get nail-bitingly close, plus I was tired, sniffly and sneezy. I woke up this morning and found out about the awesome news. So yay again! My name is Tara and I approve of those results.


9 thoughts on “Celebrate the End of the 2-Year-Long Political Campaign Season

  1. I was still at work and online when they were calling it for Obama. Then I went home and watched some of the pundits talk about what is to come. I’m so relieved this election is over and that Obama was so clearly the victor.

  2. What an amazing time for America! I stayed up all night to watch it! When the polls closed in the West Coast (11 pm Eastern), and they called the election for Barack, I was ecstatic! And when he gave his speech, I was moved. Only in America! He’s right: It’s not a blue America or a red America; it’s a United States of America!

  3. Once Ohio went, the rest was just party time. I regret that I dozed off during his speech. The bits and pieces I’m hearing in the news are giving me goosebumps. I’ll watch the whole thing on YouTube this weekend.

  4. They should probably get started on the 2012 campaign!

    As for the result, I don’t think I’m alone in saying that the rest of the world just breathed a collective sigh of relief!

  5. Churlita: I’m curious about whether people lit fireworks around here. Not sure, cuz I was sound asleep. But I’m sure a few were set off.

    Daffy: I think everyone is due for some good news, and for good changes headed our way too!

    Laura B.: I’m relieved the election is over too…Suddenly, aside from the much deserved whooping and hollering for Obama, things are so much quieter commercial and phone-wise.

    Suze: I regret that I didn’t stay up for all the excitement now.

    Eroswings: Glad to hear you stayed up all night too! I wish I had.

    Babybull: I would’ve been nervous to see how close the race got.

    Bobby: Oh yeah, I was so happy that we went all blue this time! Last time when Kerry was running, half of us voted for him, the other half voted for Bush again. Grr.

    Tim: Yes, definitely! And no, you are not alone. I believe I did hear a gargantuan, worldwide sigh of relief.

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