Because One Floor of Hell is Just Not Enough

The last time I went to one of those haunted houses where people jump out at you and are supposed to scare you, I was a little kid and was taken to a haunted schoolhouse by some friends and their parents. All I remember was going into one room that had a hospital operating table with people dressed as witches waving their arms around the bed, inviting me to sit on it. Then that’s when I freaked out and when I was taken home I had a fever. Since then, and there wasn’t any real reason for it, I have not had a chance to go to a haunted house….Until this year.

I wanted so bad to go to something called “The 7 Floors of Hell” at the nearby fairgrounds. Seven buildings set up – each with a different horror theme, and decorated with lots of spooky, gory and awesome props. Each building had automated figures and animals jumping out, but they also had actors all dressed up, waiting around the corner or in a little shack, waiting to jump out at jumpy, nervous customers.

It wouldn’t have been a problem for me if I had to go alone, but I invited my teenage nephew who I thought would jump at the chance to see that kind of thing, but he didn’t express any interest. As a last little whimper of sympathy, I mentioned it on Facebook. A girl I haven’t seen in fifteen years – since high school, stepped up to the plate and was eager to go and see these floors of hell with me. She even had coupons for three dollars off the ticket price! That helped, because that place wasn’t free. Not a mere $7 at the door, no. A bit more than that. But you know what? Honestly, it was worth it. Now if it had been $50 at the door, I wouldn’t be as casual about it.

Okay, so I just had to bring my camera, and I’m glad I did. Some places didn’t allow cameras, so I behaved. But standing in lines for almost all of those “floors”, I had the opportunity to take a few shots from outside. Here are some captures. Sorry for some of the gory stuff.

Creepy Scarecrow

Creepy Scarecrow

This was taken at the first floor of hell we went to called “Scarecrow’s Revenge”. Some of it was startling, but the intentional opening and slamming of shack doors to scare us got a little tiring. Not my favorite floor of hell, but there were some cool props. Like this guy.

Carnevil - A Place Filled with Scary, 3D Clowns

Carnevil - A Place Filled with Scary, 3D Clowns

If you’ve got a fear of clowns, you probably wouldn’t want to go into this building. We were given 3D glasses to wear and all the walls were painted with funky colors and the walls were covered with clown masks. People dressed as clowns jumped out at us. Frankly, I think clowns are annoying, and the demon clown in the movie “It” didn’t help my perception, either.

Funky Skeleton Rocking Out to Tone Loc

Funky Skeleton Rocking Out to Tone Loc

This guy wasn’t located in a house, he was across the path from the gift shop and gyrated to the songs on the stereo. This shot was taken while he was rocking to the song, “Funky Cold Medina” by Tone Loc.

Unhappy Host

Unhappy Host

This guy lived on the porch of “The Butcher Shop”, another floor of hell, and I think my favorite floor, because some stuff in there really startled me. Anyway, while we waited in line, this guy would spring to life and jump and wiggle up and down. Fake pigs hung upside down nearby, and sometimes they came to life too. In the actual “shop”, we would get distracted by mechanical things coming to life, but then a live, costumed actor would spring out at us from another direction. Awesome.

Demonic Gremlin Dude

Demonic Gremlin Dude

I think this was taken at the floor called “The Crypt”. It was just too cool, it was begging for a photo.

So anyway, that’s about it. But I was happy that I was finally able to go to one of those things after all this time.


6 thoughts on “Because One Floor of Hell is Just Not Enough

  1. Awesome fotos! The creepy scarecrow and gremlin are scary! A haunted house is so cool! Clowns annoy me, too. The only good clown is a rodeo clown–at least they’re entertaining. I’m so glad you had fun and you took great fotos!

  2. Those are great shots.. Too bad you couldn’t snaek in a pic or two from inside.. it sounds as if you had a good time and well worth the wait.. I haven’t been to a haunted house for about 17 yrs.. it was fun at the time and scary..

  3. Eroswings: Thank you! I did have lots of fun! Made me want to work at one of those places as an actor in creepy makeup.

    Babybull: I know, but even then I was focused on what was around every corner. I did take that scarecrow photo in the first place we went to.

    Churlita: She would’ve hated the Carnevil building. Lots and lots of clowns both live and as statues and masks.

    Laura B.: It was worth the price of admission! I do think they could’ve made the parking free, though.

    NoRegrets: Some buildings didn’t effect me too much. Others were very cool and I was jumpy all the way through.

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