Hey everybody, I hope you had an awesome Halloween! I just now completed the November Calendar list. Usually I like to post it the day before the first of the month, but I just wasn’t moving fast enough yesterday. So on the first day of November, I give you the calendar for November! Thank you again to all of you for the ideas!

November’s Birthstone:
Topaz or Citrine

November’s Flower:
Chrysanthemum (stands for optimism and cheerfulness)

November Astrological Signs:
Scorpio – October 23 – November 21
Sagittarius — November 22 – December 21

1. NaBloPoMo/Work Free Month/American Thanksgiving Appreciation Month
2. NaNoWriMo
3. Eat Leftover Halloween Candy Day
4. Celebrate Casual Friday All Day Everyday..
5. Celebrate the End of the 2-Year-Long Political Campaign Season
6. Peanut Butter Avoidance Day
7. Blogging Appreciation Month
8. Giraffe Appreciation Day
9. Bread Lover’s Day
10. Tim’s (Sparky Malarkey) Birthday!
11. Canada Remembers (Remembrance Day Nov 11)
12. Take a Photo of Your CD Collection Day
13. Sangha Day (Full Moon Day)
14. Peanut Butter Appreciation Day
15. Sam Waterson’s Birthday (1940)
16. Cricket Appreciation Day
17. World Peace Day (Observed November 17th every year)
18. Best Holiday Family Moments
17. Worst Holiday Family Moments
18. Start a Diary Day
19. Pop Tarts Appreciation Day (Created back in 1965)
20. Share Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish/Post The Recipe
21. Greet Ten People or More Today (World Hello Day)
22. Dress Like a Pilgrim and/or an Indian Day
23. Boris Karloff’s Birthday (1887)
24. Monday Appreciation Day
25. Techie Gadget Appreciation Day
26. Tina Turner’s Birthday (1939)
27. Save a Turkey Day (Happy Thanksgiving!)
28. LHM’s 3rd Birthday/LHM Appreciation Day
29. String Up The Christmas Lights Day
30. St Andrew’s Day, Scotland

Adoption Awareness Month (National)
Apple Month (US National)
Child Safety and Protection Month
Christmas Seals Month
Diabetes Month (National, US)
Drum Month (International)
Epilepsy Month (National, US)
Hospice Month (National, US)
Native-American Heritage Month (American Indian Heritage Month)



  1. Churlita: Thank you! Hope to provide you with some good ones!

    Tim: Of course I did! Gotta celebrate it!

    Laura B: Oh yeah, gotta celebrate food.

    BabyBull: Thank you for the suggestions! Gotta celebrate LHM’s birthday!

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