Psst….Your Geeky Side is Showing

When this dang holiday, Halloween, approaches I feel like an over eager woman-child trying to bring Halloween spirit (pardon the pun) to her coworkers. My new associate realized that I am very into Halloween. I mean c’mon, I used my lunch break for looking at costumes in two shops nearby. I didn’t eat until I got back to work. I asked my associate if he was going to dress up, and without much hesitation said that he was not. Fine, whatevah. I’m not going to take a poll of people who will or will not dress in costume this year. The proof will be in these next two days. We’re able to dress up for Halloween tomorrow as well as the actual day to support and encourage the students. I’m using my cowboy hat tomorrow as part of a make-shift cowgirl outfit, and then for Halloween I’ll wear my store-bought costume.

Oh and then I bought little gift bags with jack-o-lanterns on them, and then some candy and trinkets. If one is supposed to pump up some spirit within her coworkers, she must give them bags of goodies to promote it. Yeah, I was psyched about that part. I need to be careful with this kind of thing, though, I don’t have all the money in the world ya know. But imagine if I did…Whoa. Halloween and Christmas forever.


8 thoughts on “Psst….Your Geeky Side is Showing

  1. The free goodies will go over well with the coworkers. But I think you wearing your costumes over two days will make you cooler to the kids (and your coworkers), even if they don’t admit it! I’m actually one of the few that dresses up for Halloween, too at work. But I do it because it’s fun, and it only comes once a year! Enjoy it! Embrace it!

  2. That is a very nice thing to give your co-workers a little treat.. I hope they appreciate it.. it sounds like most of them don’t like to dress up… We want to see pictures of your costumes though..

  3. Eroswings: I’m glad you dress up for Halloween too! I also see that some people in my apartment building dress up. Just saw a woman in a cat costume. Not sure which is more fun….looking for a costume or wearing it. :)

    Babybull: Some appreciate it, others not sure. You will get some pictures very, very soon. Uploading them now, actually.

    Churlita: Cider is such a great idea. I think we did that once. Now we just have oodles and oodles of candy.

    Cricket: Yup, that’s what I thought. ;) I think 50% of my coworkers thought I was nuts. But they seem to just shrug and move on! :D

    Laura B.: Glad you dressed up! I hope you enjoyed your day off, though.

    Eroswings: Thank you! Happy Halloween to you too!

    FW: Well I do feel I need to be careful with my costumes. The costume I wore today had to be tweaked a bit so that I wasn’t too self conscious.

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