It’s Neither Here Nor There

Last night I had a dream that I walked across the hallway of my apartment and knocked on my neighbor’s door. When she answered, she was having a party. I asked her if she had my bottle of ketchup. She denied it. End of dream.

Sat up straight in bed, rushed over to the kitchen, threw open the door of the fridge and….whew..My ketchup is safe in my fridge. Okay, so maybe that last part about waking up startled isn’t quite accurate (aka – just part of my weird imagination). But I did dream that the lady may or may not have stolen my ketchup.

I think part of the dream had to do with the fact that I found my wreath on her door one time, and her yellow ribbon on my door. But to dream that she would be the first one I went to when my ketchup was stolen….I’ve got nothing for that reasoning. Nuthin.


7 thoughts on “It’s Neither Here Nor There

  1. It might just be your subconscious is reminding you to not to let people take advantage of you, and that when push comes to shove, you’ll get right up in there and push back for what’s yours!

    But how your wreath and her ribbons got switched remains an interesting mystery.

  2. Eroswings: You might be very right about the thing about not being taken advantage of…I hope that if I do have to confront with anything, that I will fight for it. Whether it be ketchup or something more important!

    Babybull: I had to laugh at that dream. I can’t help thinking about it whenever I see her door.

    Churlita: It’s weird enough when I pass her door, but I haven’t seen her in awhile, and definitely not since the dream. She’s cool, though, I’ll have to tell her about it.

    Laura B.: You might be right! :D

    NoRegrets: True! Or mustard? Or mayo?

    K_sra: I have two theories about that…one is that someone was just being weird and stupid, and two….someone was being weird and stupid. I thought maybe the cleaning crew got mixed up, but that seems too far fetched.

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