I watched the movie “Beetlejuice” tonight for the millionth time. I love that movie, though. Anyway, Alec Baldwin’s character is a ghost, right? Well why does he still need glasses? You’d think the senses would be all corrected.

Also, I’m watching “Poltergeist” now. Again, for the millionth time. Some scenes still give me some chills. Awesome movie.

Anyway, here are some photos and some descriptions for ya.

This year I voted by absentee ballot. I have been procrastinating ever since I got the material, but today with coffee on hand I sat down and started voting. My assistant, Skittles, hopped up on the table and made sure that the papers wouldn’t get shuffled around. She plopped herself right down on the ballot. She’s so….helpful.

Paper Weight

Paper Weight

This is Frank the skeleton. I bought him awhile ago and he’s one of my favorite Halloween props. Here he is about to enjoy a glass of Red Blood (a product of Transylvania, of course).

Frank Hittin the Booze

Frank Hittin the Booze

Remember the labels my mom found for me at the flea market we went to a few weekends ago? Well I had a fun time putting those on bottles and filling the bottles with colored water….er….the proper chemicals. I’m grateful I had some embalming fluid on hand. Oh and thank you to IDV for informing me of the proper color for Zombie Virus. He said it’s a purplish gray. Eureka, I found some zombie virus. And in order to find some proper bottles, I had to quickly drink two bottles worth of wine. That was the besht partof it. I juss love you guysh…(hiccup)!

The Lab

The Lab

Yup, that’s the finest quality of zombie virus right there…”Exquisitely crafted from the world’s finest brains.”

Zombie Virus

Zombie Virus

I had fun shopping at the Halloween stores. Even found something for the costume I’m going to wear! More on that in a day or two.

What did you do this weekend? Hope it was fun!


11 thoughts on “Dayyyy-Oh!

  1. Too cute! Can my deprived son come live with you for Halloween? Minus the hiccup juice.

    My kitty, Beau, is the helpful sort, too. HSUS has a personality classification system for them and he’s officially a Personal Assistant, as Skittles must be as well.

  2. You are probably one of the few bloggers that decorate for halloween.. Love it.. That bottle of zombie virus is very dangerous.. don’t spill a drop…he he he

  3. hee hee! Skittles is the cutest personal assistant / paper weight EVER.

    I love all of your Halloween stuff. Those labeled bottles turned out awesome. Drink up, Frank! And you too, Tara ;-)

    By the way, I love Beetlejuice and Poltergeist too. Definitely movies that hold up to repeated viewings.

  4. Cricket: Hey, yeah, tell him to come on over. I bought a bag full of sour gummy worms that I’m going to give to some of my coworkers, so he can have some too! :D

    I will bring in the mail in the afternoon and will plop the junk mail on the ground while I sit down and look at the mail. Skittles likes to lie down on the junk mail.

    Churlita: My brother freaked me out once during the scene where the misty hand reaches out of the TV and grabs the girl. He was behind me and scared the hell out of me.

    Babybull: No, if I spilled it, who knows what kind of mayhem would ensue! ;) I love decorating for Halloween. Gotta carve my pumpkin soon! 4.

    NoRegrets: Can you imagine what I would do if I had an actual front yard and a house to decorate? I’m kind of glad I don’t, I’d spend too much money on decor.

    Laura B.: She is! Eventually, though, she didn’t like me taking photos of her, so she hopped off and napped elsewhere.

    Both movies are perfect for Halloween, aren’t they?

    Tim: I wouldn’t dream of it! She sleeps too much as it is.

    Eroswings: Thank you! I had so much fun filling those bottles and adding the assorted food coloring.

    AlienCG: I totally forgot about that face-ripping scene! Usually because if I watch the movie on TV, they cut most of that part out.

  5. I love how Skittles is all ‘you were paying attention to this and not me’ and used the standard cat attention getting procedure – SIT ON THE THING WHICH IS DISTRACTING MY HUMAN.

    I wish I was a cat…

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