I am so sick of…

– Being in the dark about who will fill our managerial positions – hell it’s only been a few months without a decision, what’s another freakin six or twelve?

– Of being confused about when someone will be available to sign stuff for us because we can’t just have any manager do it – No, that would be too convenient.

– Of feeling panicked when I make a mistake because the next person up to report to is someone from the head office.

– Of being on the clichéd, emotional roller coaster and having a cocky, seemingly stress free, self-worshipping man-child tell me to calm down. Calm down? Really? Why didn’t I think of that? Thank God you’re here to give me such a simple task that up until now I didn’t think to do.

– Being led astray by people who I think know what they’re talking about when they do not.

– Of hearing that someone thinks I can’t handle this or that when they don’t know me at all and don’t even attempt to get to know me or talk to me unless they need something from me.

– Of being told I don’t have the right to access programs I had the ease of doing when we had a manager

– Of being stressed for lots of reasons and for no reasons at all which makes me look weak when I’m actually much stronger than that.

– Of feeling like I’m going to either scream, cry or quit when everyone else seems calm, so it makes me look like I can’t handle stress. I can handle it, but must it be constant?

I want some freakin normalcy again. But not the bad, back to the same crap kind of normalcy – more like a calming of the waters, happy to come to work type of normalcy.

To wrap it all up and relate it to the Saturday Scavenger Shot theme, you could say work issues burn me up right now.


7 thoughts on “Sick

  1. If you want to vent, you have come to the right place. You have all these legitimate worries and frustrations associated with your job right now. If anyone tries to make you feel that you are over reacting or that you are somehow less than competent, please don’t let it get to you. I kind of think that the ones going along and seeming to be stress free are probably just not all that interested in their responsibilities to begin with. You care and that is a good thing…a great thing.

  2. I can understand; work stress sucks. I have faith in you. You’re a lot stronger and a lot smarter since you first started that job. The change and lack of direction since the directors left is overwhelming. Your reaction is normal. You worry because you’re a great worker.

    People who are insecure often criticize or complain to draw attention from their own ineptness and failings. You know what you’re capable of, and you have more control over your actions and career than the losers trying to put you down. These are challenging times, but I’ve no doubt you’ll find a way to meet and succeed the challenges.

  3. Laura B.: Thank you, LB! Venting about it does help, too.

    Eroswings: Thank you! I have faith in myself too, it’s just harder on the tired, frustrating days.

    Churlita: They should get better, I can see a bit of light at the end of that so called tunnel. At least things are moving now instead of stagnant. Thank you.

    NoRegrets: Thank you! I really appreciate that!

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