Give Me a Pen and I’ll Be Happy!

For work purposes, I went to a networking event at a nearby convention center today. It was nice to get away from the office for one damned day, ya know? I’m not a morning person, but registration started at 7:30am so I was there at 7:30am. It was still dark outside. That didn’t help with my sleepiness. But I got there and was given a really nice bag loaded with cool stuff like booklets and writing pads and things. Then there was a free breakfast waiting for me upstairs. I imagined a table filled with eggs, sausage, bacon and pancakes up to the ceiling and fountains running with freshly brewed coffee. Instead, there were muffins and bagels. I accepted it and took a bagel with a little cup of cream cheese. Oh they did have coffee, though. So I had some of that too, and then embraced my introverted self by not eating at a table filled with people who had cell phones attached to their ears. My solitude must’ve looked like I was holding up a sign that read, “Talk to me” because a few people came up with their bagels and coffee and we chatted. That was nice, actually, because a whole world of talking awaited me in the next room.

Actually, the first thing we did was sit down for a keynote speaker. It was Debbie Fields from Mrs. Fields Cookies! Woo hoo! I’ve never had one of her cookies. But she baked up a good speech. Very motivational and some parts got me a little choked up. No cookie samples from her though. I think she should’ve catered the event. I’m just sayin’.

So I mingled and I networked, and I did my thing, talking to a gaggle of business people. Some of them were very enthusiastic, some weren’t and if I never hear from them again, that’s fine. But I liked the ones that were interested in what I had to say. Plus, they offered me stuff like really cool pens, a magnet, some writing pads and some potato chip-bag clips! I also received a stress ball in the shape of a heart, a little kit to repair glasses and a little plastic travel sanitizer thingy. Happiness is free samples.

Oh talk about free samples! I was also given a pedometer to track how many steps I took in the huge building. According to the wise pedometer, I took 8, 649 steps. We had the option of turning in the pedometer to the health center to enter a raffle, but I forgot and well now I have a pedometer. And my very own name tag with a barcode on it.

9 thoughts on “Give Me a Pen and I’ll Be Happy!

  1. I luv freebies from conventions! Sounds like you got a great haul, almost worth getting there in the cold, dark morning. Why didn’t Ms Field bring any cookies? Really? Her story would’ve had a much bigger impact if you had something, like a cookie, to chew on.

    That’s great you had some friendly people come over and chat. The best contacts are the ones who show a genuine interest in you. I think you can always tell how interested a person is by their response. It’s real easy to spot fakers and rude people.

  2. Gotta love the bling. It’s so cool what they come out with. That stuff isn’t cheap, either.

    Keep us updated on the pedometer and how you like it. I was contemplating one for myself, because I can’t count all the steps I take at home just going to the bathroom, kitchen, and computer. I’m lame.

  3. Eroswings: I know! Frankly, I think she should’ve served everyone at the event with her cookies and some milk. But that would’ve been tons of baking and lots o’milk.

    Cricket: I’m hanging onto that pedometer since it was free. I know they can get costly in the stores. And I will keep you all updated! :)

    Babybull: It was certainly nice to get out of the office and into the public. There were some fascinating things at that show.

    Churlita: They certainly do speak louder. She was telling us that, once she got her first paycheck, she bought real ingredients like butter and real vanilla. Then she said she packs each cookie with as many chocolate chips as she can. But she didn’t bring a damned sample for us. Free is always good. I don’t know why she didn’t bring cookie samples. though. In my book, cookies speak louder than words. She’s a big tease.

    Tim: It was a quality haul, my bag was heavy by the time I was done! A lot of that had to do with books and stuff, but after every trip down an aisle of vendors, I would have to stop and throw stuff in my bag so that I wasn’t carrying everything.

    Laura B.: Free food is awesome.

    Furtive Wangler: I haven’t picked up any USB sticks, but the first time I see one at one of those conventions, I’m taking one! I was also given a little container of anti-bacterial wipes! It was great. :)

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