Well there’s a shocker….

Hey guess what? I had a bad dream about spiders last night! Imagine that. How would I get such a notion?

In my dream I was sitting at my desk at home, playing on the computer. I suddenly glanced to my left and found a thick spiderweb starting at my chair and reaching up to a funky gothic chandelier I had over my head. I jumped out of the way and for the rest of the dream I felt very paranoid because I couldn’t find the spider. I think I even thought in the dream, “The spider must be as big as the one on my poster.”

So I started looking for bug spray to arm myself with, but couldn’t find it. I rummaged through the closet where I usually keep the stuff, but every other can was falling out. I finally found something, but then thought I should catch the spider in a container. Because I had it in my mind that it was a giant spider, I remember grabbing a big bowl from the cupboard. I kept glancing over near my desk to see if the spider had come out of hiding, and at one point I got some web on me and I was so afraid my struggling would cue the spider to crawl down to me.

Then I woke up and I had fifteen minutes to get up, get dressed and get to work. Now when I look at the spider decoration on my window, I think of that dream. Blergh!


12 thoughts on “Well there’s a shocker….

  1. Oh, that is creepy, but so in keeping with the spirit of Halloween!

    I have to tell ya, though. Dreams of spiders often mean good luck is coming your way! The fact that you specifically dreamed about spider webs means that you’re on the cusp of releasing an enormous amount of creativity. You’re about to come into some incredible energy and artistic inspiration. The artist in you is about to be unleashed and should be embraced!

  2. Eroswings: I have read that dreams of spiders can be good luck! Interesting thought!

    Eroswings2: Thanks for doing the meme! I will read it as soon as I’m done here! :)

    Tim: I could switch that poster with the same kind only with a cat silhouette, but then it wouldn’t be as scary or Halloween-themed. Thankfully I didn’t dream of any spiders last night. Next time I do, though, I’m dreaming up a can of hair spray! The musical would only aggravate the spider.

    Babybull: True! This the season to be scary!

    Cyberpete: It was a freaky dream. It reminded me of a time I actually did find a line of web from my bed post to my shoe rack when I was a kid. There was a huge spider in one of the shoe pockets.

    Churlita: Ew, yeah. It would be nice if the bites gave you spidey senses, but no. Just bad dreams and irritated skin.

    Laura B.: That image made me laugh too, especially while typing this out. That bowl was big in my dream. :)

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