Zombie Virus and Other Pleasantries

Thing One: We’re well into our rehearsals for our Christmas/Winter concert, and most of the songs are very catchy and up beat. A few of them will be sung A Cappella (singing without instrumental accompaniment) which makes the song sound even better. Here are some examples of what we’ll be singing this season:

“A Christmas Proclamation” by Joseph M. Martin

“Deo Gloria” by Boyd Bacon

“The Wexford Carol” by Robert Wetzler (So far this is my favorite song)

Thing Two: When we went to practice last night, our director’s parents were there to help him. He took the guys into another section of the church to practice their parts, while the parents kept the ladies in the chapel to practice our parts. We practice till 9pm, but our director’s father was getting carried away and it was a little past 9pm. We suddenly heard this booming voice, “Let my people go!” It was hilarious. It was not God, it was our director from the back of the church. He was good, he didn’t need a microphone or a megaphone or anything. Good times.

Thing Three: My mom and I went to a flea market on Sunday at the Cuyahoga Fairgrounds. It is also the location for their Halloween themed “Seven Floors of Hell”. While we were shopping, I heard werewolves howling from one of the buildings. Not regular wolves, the noises were obviously from werewolves. Which right now makes me want to launch into a bit of dialogue from “Young Frankenstein”:

Frederick Frankenstein: Werewolf!

Igore (pointing): There, wolf! There, castle!

Frederick: Why are you talking like that?

Igore: I thought you wanted to!

Frederick: No…

Igore: Suit yourself, I’m easy.

Thing Four: Anyway, now that that’s out of my system, yeah we had a good time at the flea market! I bought two movies: “The Butcher’s Wife” and “Forget Paris”. Then I bought the comedian Bill Engvall’s concert “Here’s Your Sign” on DVD.

Thing Five: My mom and I were at one table and she showed me some really cool labels to put on glass bottles as decoration for Halloween. Labels like “Zombie Virus”, “Spider Venom” and “Embalming Juice”. I bought those and am having fun putting them on various-sized bottles. The next thing I want to do with them is fill them with water and put some food coloring in them to make it look more authentic. Not that I know what zombie virus looks like, but still. Tis the season.

Thing Six: My new associate at work paid me a quiet but noticeable compliment the other day. We were trying to get someone on the phone from a company and I resorted to using speakerphone which I usually dislike very much. When I asked to speak to the HR department, my associate said “You’ve got a nice voice, that’s good.” Frankly it made my day, because it dawned on me that he doesn’t shell out the compliments a whole lot. And that’s fine too, since if you shell out too many compliments it just gets old and not so special or real.

Thing Seven: My cat and I are back to playing a game she likes to call “Make Tara Freeze”. What happens is that my cat loves to go out on the balcony to star gaze or whatever. She’ll cry to get out. I’ll open the balcony door and she jumps out. So while I’m sitting here enjoying the internet, I’m starting to get cold, especially around this time of year. So I get up and try to call her in from the cold. But is she there? No. She is snuggled up on a piece of furniture in m apartment. Joke’s always on me. Fool me once…yadda, yadda, yadda.

This is a window decoration I picked up last month. It collects light from indoors so that when you see it on the other side of the glass, it stands out better. I don’t get my little obsession with spiders. Then I wonder why I have bad dreams about them. Hmm.


10 thoughts on “Zombie Virus and Other Pleasantries

  1. So much good stuff in one post! It sounds like your choir rehearsals are as fun as ever :-)
    You are clearly enjoying the lead time to Halloween very much. I love the sound of those labels and the colored water. So cool. Bonus points for the Young Frankenstein dialog!
    It is extra nice to get a compliment from someone who isn’t generally passing them out. Makes it special.
    My last point…your cat is smarter than you. haha! Just kidding :-)

  2. That’s funny about the choir director! A sense of humor goes a long way! All ready practicing for Xmas? Wow!

    Luv the window decoration. I wish I could open my sliding glass door, for some cool night air, but the freakin mosquitoes are just waiting to get in!

    A sincere compliment does feel good, and you’ve earned it! The bottles and labels and coloring sound fun!

  3. Lots of good stuff going on.. I love Flea Markets.. I haven’t been in a long time..Spiders are not my fave.. Nor anything that crawls.. Ewww.. creepy crawlies..

  4. Every time I hear the term Flea Market I think of Mallrats.
    Brodie: The flea market? This is the dirt mall!

    I like the window decor, very cool. And yes, you do have a nice voice.

  5. Laura B.: My cat IS smarter than I am, and it’s slightly annoying. :) She’s a crafty one. I am enjoying the Halloween stuff, and yet I don’t have a pumpkin! I’ll have to fix that soon.

    Eroswings: Yup, we started back in September. Our director really packs in the practicing time too. That’s good, because we need it and it does pay off.

    Babybull: Flea markets are so much fun.

    Churlita: I wasn’t crazy about our director at first, but then after taking a break from the choir and then going back to it, he was different and does like to joke now and then. It’s nice!

    IDV: Ah ha! Didn’t know about that! I will make it purply grey then! Thank you! :)

    CyberPete: After the dream I had last night, I’m not too crazy about them either. In fact it has changed my perception of the poster I put up and it almost makes me cringe.

    T-Bird: I will certainly ship some over to you! :)

    Cricket: “Space Zombie Bingo” sounds like something that the “Mystery Science Theater” crew would love to pick apart!

    AlienCG: Never saw that movie! Glad you like the window decor! And thank you about the voice comment! :)

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