The “One Wonders” Meme

This is the week of being tagged for memes. This time Suze from “Suzel’s Sass” tagged me. You have to answer one word questions, but not necessarily with one word answers! Let’s go:

1. Clothes: Jeans

2. Furniture: I’ve always liked glass table tops. They look so modern and cool. But now that I live on my own I find I don’t like them enough to buy anything with a glassy tabletop. Actually, I wouldn’t mind buying a little one for my balcony. I will buy them in my Sims game for my Sims.

3. Sweet: Weekends are sweeeeet. So are paid holidays and vacation days. Sweet.

4. City: Lakewood, Ohio – my birthplace…sort of. Actually I was born in a hospital, but after that, Lakewood was the place to be.

5. Drink: Coffee at the moment.

6. Music: I’ve got one of our choir’s songs stuck in my head at the moment.

7. TV Series: America’s Funniest Videos

8. Film: Last one I saw at the theater was “The Dark Knight” – awesome movie.

9. Workout: Haven’t done it yet today, but I will before I go into work at noon.

10. Pastries: Powdered donuts

11. Coffee: Half-caf with skim milk.

Okay, now I have to tag some people:


9 thoughts on “The “One Wonders” Meme

  1. I love this meme. I think I may steal it once I’ve come up with something interesting about me. That’ll take a while heh.

    Two things about glass tops. One, you have to bloody clean them all the time. Two, if you don’t have the right decor it’ll be the thing that makes your home look like the set of a porno. Trust me.

  2. I’ll start working on this one. Two things about CP’s comment:

    1. I hate cleaning glass tops; also, I’m so afraid I’ll crack it or break it. Isn’t a glass table one of the things in the movies that always gets broken?

    2. You know, the last thing I pay attention to is the decor in a porn scene; but now I’m going to have to pay more attention ;)

  3. Babybull: Thanks for doing this meme! :)

    Churlita: That sounds like a great retro table!

    CyberPete: I’m sure there are lots of interesting things to list about you! Do it, that’s an order! :) Thanks for the advice about glass tables. I’d imagine it’s a pain (or pane? heh) to clean them. And I definitely don’t want my apartment to look like the setting for a porno. At least not right now.

    Eroswings: Just cleaning windows is a chore! This weekend I cleaned my balcony doors and my windows and it was almost exhausting. So maybe I shouldn’t have any glass tables. :)

    Laura B.: Hehe…Sorry about that. I made myself hungry for both of those too!

    Suze: Thank you! And thanks for tagging me! :)

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