Sooooo “Interesting”!

Laura B. tagged me, and I am not usually the type to turn down a good meme. So here are five things about me that you might not have already known. This time I tagged others. Muah ha ha.

Okay…five “interesting” things about me:

– I don’t like throwing out batteries, because I feel they have a little bit more juice in them just in case. Eventually, though, I finally give in and throw them away.

– I love flea markets. I don’t go to them all the time, but when I do decide to go, I find the most amazing, cheap crap that I’ll treasure for quite a long time. Plus, sometimes there are vendors who sell hotdogs, ice cream and popcorn to eat while shopping. Everything seems to smell and taste better in those circumstances.

– I greet strangers in my apartment. Never was an outgoing person, but I will speak up and say “hello” at least eight out of ten times. Usually they return the greeting. Sometimes they don’t and I’m able to shake it off. Not bad for a girl who was once nicknamed “the mute” right?

– Memes are awesome in my eyes.

– When I vote, I will usually vote for people (county engineers, judges, etc.) who have names that sound nice, but if a name reminds me of someone who irritated me, I will not vote for them. I don’t judge this loosely on the people who are running for President, though.

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8 thoughts on “Sooooo “Interesting”!

  1. I like getting a good deal, too! What is it about vendor food that makes them so delicious? I’m usually friendly to people. And if they don’t say hello back, then that’s okay, because I said hello because I’m nice, not because I’m looking for attention :)

    That’s funny about the voting thing. In Texas, they have this option called straight party vote–where you just tick off whatever party you want, and automatically, everyone in that party running for whatever office gets your vote.

    I was like, um, no. I’m going to do this hard way and go thru line by line and figure out who I’m voting for, regardless of party! Of course, I didn’t realize who those people running for Railroad commission were. So I decided to read up more the issues and candidates since that first voting experience.

  2. Cricket: Thank ya! :D

    Churlita: If someone tells me that so-and-so doesn’t talk to anyone, I will greet that person. It actually made a quiet guy at a former workplace talk a little more and joke too.

    Daffy: Hey Daffy! Thank you for visiting my blog! I bought some labels at the flea market for a dollar fifty, and then they showed up in a catalog for like 8 bucks or so. That is a fun bargain!

    CyberPete: Aww thank you! :) You did a fine job! Thanks for doing the meme! :)

    Manuel: One person’s trash is another person’s treasure – that line is pretty darned accurate!

    Laura B.: Thanks for tagging me! My mom has saved burned out light bulbs in the past thinking they’ll get their juice back. I don’t think she does that anymore, though.

    Eroswings: I usually just shrug if a person doesn’t return my greeting. If they’re not in the mood, then they’re not in the mood. I might be in their place the next day. That’s weird about the automatic voting! I’d want to choose my own too. No automatic stuff for me, thanks!

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